Number of billionaires worldwide falls, collective wealth dips

FOX Business host Charles Payne responds to warnings of doom and gloom from billionaires in “Making Money.” The global billionaire class took a hit last year in both total net worth and population, but the top three countries with the most elite club memberships remained unchanged, according to the latest data. in Altrata 2023 Billionaire […]

These billionaires have more money than the US Treasury right now

Treasury cash stocks are dwindling as the deadline for lawmakers to reach a deal on a higher debt ceiling to avoid a U.S. debt default looms. Data from the Ministry’s website show It said its cash balance fell to $49.473 billion on Wednesday, down from about $76.5 billion on Tuesday’s close. The White House and […]

Liberal Billionaires Funded The Communist-Linked Group Pushing Jordan Neely Protests

A group of communist-linked activists promoting protests against the recent death of New York City homeless man Jordan Neely has received a large sum of money from an organization funded by liberal billionaires. Neely died after he was reportedly acting erratically after being decapitated by Marine Daniel Penney on a subway train on May 1. […]

One estate tax bill protects family farms — another empowers billionaires

Senators Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and Senator John Tune (RS.D.) disagree a lot on the tax system, but they think the current inheritance tax law is unacceptable. The difference lies in what Sanders and Thune do to deal with the situation. Each has submitted bills in the past few weeks, but the two have little in […]

FRED LUCAS: American Elections Shouldn’t Be Bankrolled By Billionaires

State and local governments are sending the message that they care enough about the credibility of elections and refuse to pollute private money. On March 29, the Georgia legislature finally approved a stricter ban on private funding to run public elections. This came after the same left-wing group that handed out Mark Zuckerberg’s election grants […]

Billionaires Bezos, Musk slide in Forbes World’s Richest list

J.P. Morgan Global Market Strategist Jack Manley and Fitz-Gerald Group Principal Keith Fitz-Gerald Discuss Tesla’s Investor Day, Now Is Investor’s Time to Get Off the Road in ‘Cramant Countdown’ Discuss whether it is time. Amazon founder Jeff Bezos and Tesla CEO Elon Musk, both whose net worths have reportedly fallen by tens of billions of […]

Arab billionaire’s son admits to murder of 23-year-old student, writes it off as a ‘sex accident.’ Won’t return to UK to face justice because he ‘doesn’t like the weather’

23-year-old Martine Vik Magnussen was raped and murdered in 2008. Her body was found under rubble and garbage in a London basement. Her Yemeni killer escaped the police and avoided dealing with her guilt. BBC interview. Farouk Abdulhak, the son of an Arab billionaire who fled Britain to Yemen, has admitted to murdering a student, […]

Alibaba Founder Jack Ma Returns to China After Crackdown on Tech Billionaires

The once flamboyant billionaire Jack Ma, founder of tech giant Alibaba, reappeared in China last week after being in exile for more than a year. Ma’s fame in China was erased along with much of his fortune after he dared to criticize the Chinese Communist Party at a conference in Shanghai in October 2020. pose […]

Microsoft billionaire’s ship toppled over, injuring 25

A giant ship owned by the fortune of billionaire Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen capsized in a dry dock in Scotland on Wednesday from high winds, leaving 15 people in hospital. The Scottish Ambulance Service said 25 people were injured when the 250-foot vessel capsized from its hold at Imperial Docks, Leith, Edinburgh at around 8:30 […]