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‘Harmful’ to Call Trans Athletes ‘Biological Males’

The International Olympic Committee’s (IOC) “representation guidelines” have declared that describing transgender athletes as “biological male” or “biological female” is “harmful.” Recently Updated Guidelines The guidelines instruct Olympic media and other media covering future Olympic Games on how to treat certain identities. They also include a list of “problematic” terms, with “biological male” and “biological […]

Biological male who identifies as female wins Miss Maryland USA competition

Bailee Ann Kennedy is the first transgender woman to win the Miss Maryland USA pageant. SaidA “transgender woman” is someone who is biologically male but identifies as a woman. The pageant added that Kennedy is the “first Asian American” to win the title, “the first person to win the crown at age 31,” “the first […]

LA Gov. Signs Bill Requiring Transgenders to Use Restrooms Aligned with Biological Sex

Louisiana Governor Jeff Landry (R) on Wednesday signed a bill that will take effect on August 1st that will require transgender people to use restrooms and public facilities that match their biological sex. HB 608 is called the “Women’s Safety and Protection Act,” according to WBRZ reporthe added. HB 608, authored by Republican Rep. Roger […]

Rishi Sunak’s Party Says Will Define Sex As Biological To End “Ambiguity”

London: Britain’s Conservative Party will clearly define sex as biological in the Equality Act if it wins the July 4 general election, ending “ambiguity” that puts the safety of women and girls at risk, Chancellor Rishi Sunak said. Ahead of the vote, the Conservative Party has been promoting issues aimed at securing its support base, […]

Biological Male Shares Best Actress Award for ‘Emilia Perez’

For the first time in the history of the Cannes Film Festival, a biological male has won the festival’s best actress award. Carla Sofia Gascón, a transgender actor who was born male and now identifies as female, shared the award for best actress in an unconventional musical. Emilia PerezGascón shared the award with his three […]