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Pennsylvania bishop becomes youngest Episcopal Church leader since 1789

Shawn Lowe, 49, of western Pennsylvania, has been elected the youngest leader in the history of the Episcopal Church. Rowe said the church needs to address an “existential crisis” comparable to the collapse of the steel industry in the Rust Belt. He will succeed Bishop Michael Curry as senior pastor, president and chief executive officer […]

Kansas City Bishop Lauds Harrison Butker’s ‘Passion for His Catholic Faith’

A number of prominent Catholics, including local bishops, have voiced support for Kansas City Chiefs star kicker Harrison Butker, who was vilified for his overtly Catholic commencement speech at Benedictine College on May 11. . Several celebrities and commentators have called for Butker’s removal from his team for sharing views on gender, abortion, assisted suicide, […]

Reconvening of elections task force draws criticism from Bishop

(The Center Square) – Though North Carolina Congressman Dan Bishop may be exiting the Beltway, he’s certainly not afraid to leave marks on the way out. The candidate for attorney general in his home state was on social media Monday to criticize the Biden administration for a federal power play on states. Six business days […]

Renowned Catholic Bishop Drugged, Kidnapped in Mexico

Authorities are investigating the kidnapping of a high-ranking Catholic bishop in Mexico. The case has sparked widespread outrage since the cleric made headlines for trying to broker some kind of peace between rival cartels that had been locked in a bitter turf war in his community. This week, the Morelos state attorney general’s office announced […]