Sudan severs East African bloc ties over paramilitary leader’s summit invitation

Sudan's government on Tuesday suspended ties with the East African Regional Union, which is trying to mediate between the country's military and rival powerful militias, and threatened Sudan's sovereignty by inviting militia leaders to an upcoming summit. accused of infringing. The army, led by General Abdel Fattah Burhan, and the Rapid Support Force, commanded by […]

Biden Trailing Trump In Key Democrat Voting Bloc He Won 2-To-1 In 2020: POLL

President Joe Biden is trailing former President Donald Trump among Hispanic voters for a possible 2024 rematch after a 2-1 demographic victory last time out, according to a poll on Monday. are doing. According to USA Today/Suffolk University, Trump led Biden by 5 points among key voting blocs that Democrats typically secure by wide margins. […]

EU Chief Continues Push For Ukraine to Join Bloc During Meeting with Zelensky

KYIV, Ukraine (AP) – The head of the European Union’s executive branch returned to the Ukrainian capital for talks with President Volodymyr Zelenskiy, and officials said Saturday that Russia’s attacks in Ukraine have resulted in at least one civilian attack in the past day. It was announced that 14 people were injured. Zaporizhzhya region governor […]