Bloodied Connecticut man drove to police station to make confession: Cops

A bloodied man walked into a Connecticut police station and confessed to murdering his girlfriend, police said. He told police officers in Hartford that her body was in the passenger seat of his white sedan parked in front of the building. Pedro Grajales, 52, allegedly stabbed Nilda Rivera “more than 25 times”. According to CT […]

Tyre Nichols’ death: Former Memphis cop took, shared photos of bloodied victim

Documents released Tuesday revealed that one of the former Memphis police officers charged in Tyre Nichols’ death took and shared pictures of the bloodied victim. According to documents released by the Tennessee Peace Officers Standards and Training Commission, Demetrius Haley was photographed standing over Nichols, propped up by a police car. Sent. The Memphis Police […]

Memphis cop Demetrius Haley texted photo of bloodied Tyre Nichols after beating

According to reports, one of the Memphis police officers charged with the murder of Trye Nichols took a picture of his 29-year-old father, covered in blood and in handcuffs, and removed it after six people brutally beat him. Sent to 6 people. Officer Demetrius Haley, who was fired from his job after the killing, took […]

Gabby Petito appeared bruised and bloodied in new pic

The new photo comes just weeks before the murdered Long Island native Gabby Petite was found beaten to death on an ill-fated cross-country trip with then-fiancé, murderer Brian Landry. , which shows her face smeared with blood. On August 12, 2021, in Moab, Utah, Petite, 22, with a bloody left eye and nose, was filmed […]