Biden chides GOP for ‘trying to hide the truth’ about Black history in marking Bloody Sunday

President Biden called on Republicans on Sunday to limit the teaching of parts of black history, marking the 58th anniversary of Bloody Sunday. “History matters,” Biden said at the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, Alabama. .” Biden emphasized the importance of teaching African-American studies amid growing Republican moves to block schools from teaching certain subjects, […]

Biden should honor Bloody Sunday by keeping his promises

Next week will be 58 years since that incident. bloody sunday Hundreds of marchers, including the late Rep. John Lewis (D-Georgia), were beaten, bloodied and maimed as they peacefully protested the denial of voting rights and the murder of Jimmy Lee Jackson. rice field. Fire hoses, police dogs and batons were directed at men and […]

Missouri police fatally shoot bloody man who charged at them with knife

Police in southeastern Missouri shot and killed a man after he charged them with a knife, officials said Tuesday. Poplar Bluff police responded to a call Tuesday morning saying a man was walking down the street and had blood on him. said in a news release. He began to cut himself with a knife while […]