John Wayne Bobbitt says women cut off their partners’ penises out of ‘jealousy,’ unfulfilled ‘childhood dreams’ in response to grisly Colorado murder

John Wayne Bobbitt, who gained notoriety in 1993 after his then-wife cut off his penis, said women attack their genitals because they are distraught. “When women do things like this, it’s because of jealousy, rejection, abandonment, or infidelity,” Bobbitt told the Post after learning about the case of Shenting Guo, a Colorado woman. . cut […]

Lorena Bobbitt says domestic violence no longer ‘punchline’

Lorena Bobbitt claims she was raped by her husband earlier that night and believes the public no longer sees domestic violence as a “punchline” 30 years after cutting off her then-husband’s penis. there is Since that infamous night when she became a national headline maker, Lorena now goes by her maiden name Gallo. told the […]