Safety concerns ground Boeing Starliner indefinitely

Boeing’s Starliner spacecraft has been grounded indefinitely over safety concerns with the capsule’s parachute and wiring. The anomaly, which was discovered last week, was discussed at a press conference Thursday night, during which NASA and Boeing announced that Starliner’s first planned crewed flight had been postponed. The launch has faced many delays and setbacks, but […]

Boeing investors seek answers after latest 737 production glitch

Harry Moser, founder of the Reshoring Initiative, provides insight into manufacturing job growth in Making Money with Charles Payne. Boeing will reveal whether manufacturing problems with its latest 737 MAX will derail the U.S. aircraft maker’s annual targets for passenger aircraft deliveries and free cash flow when it releases its first-quarter results on Wednesday. intend […]

Boeing revs 737 Max production amid delivery pause

Frontier Airlines CEO Barry Biffle says working from home and post-pandemic flexibility has seen flight demand “very strong” so his company “avoids” a possible recession says it can. Boeing’s suppliers will continue to produce parts for the company’s unpopular 737 Max despite recent manufacturing problems halting deliveries of narrow-body aircraft, said Boeing CEO Dave Calhoun. […]

Boeing halts deliveries of some 737 MAXs, shares fall

Check out what’s being clicked on Boeing has put the brakes on some 737 MAX jet deliveries as it grapples with quality issues with new suppliers. The latest announcement comes after the planemaker said last month it was ready to ramp up production. The problem was the installation of the two Spirit AeroSystems fittings […]

Boeing resumes deliveries of 787 Dreamliners after pause, edges Airbus in Q1

See what you clicked on delivery of Boeing 787 “Dreamliner” jet The restart last month saw the US aircraft maker surpass European rival Airbus in first-quarter aircraft deliveries and new orders. Boeing reported Tuesday that it delivered 64 commercial aircraft in March. This roughly matches the total number of deliveries in January and his […]

Boeing returns 737 MAX service for 11 Chinese airlines

Frontier Airlines CEO Barry Biffle says working from home and post-pandemic flexibility will help him “avoid” a possible recession as demand for flights is “very strong.” increase. Boeing said Tuesday that 11 Chinese airlines have put the company’s defamed 737 MAX back into service as of April 10. A total of 43 MAX jets have […]

FAA warns of safety hazard from leaky faucets in Boeing 787, calls for inspections

Click to see what we have to offer. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) wants all Boeing 787 jets inspected amid recurring problems with leaking bathroom faucets. On Friday, the FAA issued a proposal for repeated inspections of the Boeing 787 jetliner, which the company calls the Dreamliner. In calling for an inspection, the FAA […]

Boeing plans to increase 737 MAX production rates ‘very soon’

See what you clicked on Boeing plans increase production rate As for the best-selling 737 MAX airliner, “soon,” the company’s director of commercial operations said Thursday. CEO Stan Deal boeing commercial aircraftsaid 737 MAX production would increase above the current level of 31 per month. He also said the company is working with the […]