US prosecutors recommend DOJ charge Boeing

The Justice Department must decide by early next month whether to indict aircraft maker Boeing after prosecutors recommended criminal charges be filed against the company. In filing their recommendation, prosecutors said the company was suspected of failing to comply with a 2021 settlement agreement it made following two Boeing 737 Max crashes. The Justice Department […]

US prosecutors recommend charges against Boeing for violating settlement

Horrified passengers watch as flames shoot out from an engine of a Boeing 737 on a Malaysia Airlines flight to India, Thursday, June 20, 2024. (Photo credit: Viral Press) US prosecutors have reportedly recommended that the Department of Justice (DOJ) bring criminal charges against Boeing for violating settlements related to two fatal crashes. The recommendation, […]

NASA again postpones return of Boeing Starliner crew from space

NASA and Boeing have again postponed the return of the Starliner with its two-person crew from the International Space Station (ISS). Complete a full review Regarding technical problems with the spacecraft. The mission, Boeing’s first manned space launch, was originally scheduled to last nine days. It’s unclear at this time exactly when flight commander Butch […]

Boeing May Avoid Criminal Charges Over Violations: Report

Last month, the Justice Department told the judge in the case that it would rule on the case no later than July 7. new york: The Justice Department is considering a deal that would avoid criminal prosecution against aerospace giant Boeing Co while potentially appointing a federal inspector to oversee the company’s progress toward improving […]

FAA Investigating After Southwest Airlines Boeing 737 Descent Triggers Alert

Southwest Airlines is under investigation by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) after one of the airline’s Boeing 737s triggered a low-altitude warning while attempting to land in Oklahoma City on Wednesday. An automated warning was issued by the Minimum Safe Altitude Warning System at 12:05 a.m. and air traffic controllers told the plane to descend […]

Southwest Boeing 737 inexplicably drops to less than 500 ft.

A Southwest Airlines passenger plane inexplicably nosedived upon landing in Oklahoma City, flying less than 500 feet above a residential neighborhood, triggering altitude alarms and frightening residents. Southwest Airlines Flight 4069, departing from Las Vegas, was recorded by transponders flying dangerously low, drawing the attention of air traffic controllers. Shortly after midnight, the Boeing 737-800 […]

Boeing CEO Admits Retaliation Against Whistleblowers

The hearing featured testimony from current and former Boeing employees. New Delhi: Speaking before a congressional committee, Dave Calhoun, CEO of aerospace giant Boeing, made a shocking admission that the company had retaliated against whistleblowers, contrary to its published policies. Calhoun’s remarks came during a tense Senate hearing aimed at examining Boeing’s safety practices following […]