Wells Fargo expansion at 20 Hudson Yards continues late-year commercial lease boom

It was no exaggeration when we recently predicted a “thunderstorm” of large new office deals by the end of the year. But the biggest thing was something we didn’t see coming. Wells Fargo’s 445,000-square-foot expansion at Affiliate’s 20 Hudson Yards has swallowed all of the floors and adjacent space of the former Neiman Marcus. When […]

Top chefs launch restaurant boom at most difficult time of year

Owners and chefs agree that five famous Manhattan restaurants are boldly opening in the middle of the holiday season, the most difficult time to launch a new restaurant. Top Talk’s roster includes Michelin-starred Jean-Georges Vongerichten, Daniel Boulud and Andrew Carmellini, all of whom believe that the number of tree-gazing tourists has increased the popularity of […]

UK pension transfer boom continues as deals worth $11 bln struck – Reuters

Legal & General Insurance company logo. Seen in an office in central London on March 17, 2008. Photo taken on March 17, 2008. Reuters/Alessia Pierdomenico (UK)/File Photo Obtaining license rights LONDON, Nov 24 (Reuters) – Two British insurers signed deals on Friday to take on a combined 8.8 billion pounds ($11 billion) of corporate pension […]

Iran Boasts of Oil Industry Boom After Biden Sanctions Relief to Partner Venezuela

Iranian state-run Tasnim news agency claimed The country’s crude oil production reached 3.115 million barrels per day (bpd) in October, it said on Tuesday. Iran’s oil production continued to increase throughout 2023, with a particularly sharp increase in October recorded after the Biden administration. temporarily lifted oil and gas sanctions against Venezuela’s rogue socialist regime; […]

Ketamine soars as pain, depression treatment — experts fear ‘wild west’ boom

WASHINGTON — As U.S. doctors scale back drug use; opioid painkillers, new options for difficult-to-treat pain are gaining ground.Ketamine is a surgical drug that has been used for decades and is now trendy psychedelic therapy. Prescriptions for ketamine have skyrocketed in recent years, with commercial clinics and telemedicine services offering ketamine as a treatment for […]

Migrants are behind boom in Queens red-light district, Adams says

Mayor Eric Adams blamed the rise in prostitution in Corona, Queens, on an influx of Venezuelan female immigrants who are struggling to find other work. The Democrat said Tuesday there was “illegal” activity taking place in the area and said it was just “one example” of how the nation’s immigration crisis is impacting the city. […]

Manhattan’s stalled office leasing market poised for late-year boom

The dam is finally about to burst on Manhattan’s stagnant office rental market, with landlords and brokers ready to uncork the champagne after one of the weakest years on record. At least 12 large deals of up to 250,000 square feet each are nearing completion, likely by the end of the year, people told the […]

Why the ‘Smart Money’ Is Using a Backdoor Way to Play AI’s $15 Trillion Boom

Something strange is happening in the market. The tech-heavy Nasdaq posted its best first half since 1983, and the mainstream media is paying close attention to every word of earnings reports from big-name companies like Nvidia, Microsoft, and Apple… …A handful of lesser-known stocks are capitalizing on the $15 trillion global AI boom, rising 167 […]

Cruise prices surge 43% amid post-pandemic travel boom

Cruises have made a huge comeback since COVID-19, and new demand is driving ticket prices to new heights. Popular cruise lines Carnival and Royal Caribbean have set some ticket prices even higher than they were before the pandemic, by more than 40%, according to a close monitor, industry experts say. It is likely that prices […]

Billionaires Who Rode Online Delivery Boom Watch Fortunes Vanish

Once generous valuations for cash-guzzling companies have been slashed. (representative) From San Francisco to Istanbul, the founders of online distribution companies that have exploded during the pandemic are watching their fortunes disappear. According to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, the boom created six billionaires, but four of them have already lost their status. The group, which […]