Disgraceful NJ Sen. Bob Menendez must be booted from US Senate

It’s a shame: Bob Menendez (D-N.J.) remains a member in good standing in the U.S. Senate. and Despite the federal indictment and extensive evidence, including a huge mountain of evidence, the contents of the national security briefing remain unknown. gold barsexposed his corruption, including collusion with foreign governments. See, these charges come from biden He […]

Like mother, like daughter: Ilhan Omar’s firstborn booted

For Ilhan Omar and her daughter Isra Hirsi, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Hirschi gained attention on MSNBC after he was kicked out of Barnard College for actions related to anti-Israel protests on campus. “Do other student organizations also have this kind of targeting, or because of the fact that it stands […]

Nearly one-quarter of adults booted from Medicaid are still uninsured, survey finds

Nearly a quarter of adults who say they were disenrolled from Medicaid in the past year remain uninsured since states began reopening eligibility checks, according to a new report investigation It was released on Friday by KFF. The study is the first to examine the health insurance status of adults enrolled in Medicaid in early […]

Gold Star Dad Booted from State of the Union Address for Heckling Biden

A Gold Star father who lost his son in the failed withdrawal from Afghanistan was arrested Thursday night after he interrupted the State of the Union address to demand that the president remember his late son. “Steve Nikoy, father of LCpl. Kareem Nikoy, who was killed in Afghanistan during Biden’s disastrous withdrawal, has been arrested […]

WTF US patron booted American Airline flight illegal migrant

American children are being kicked out of school to make room for illegal immigrants. Airports and other spaces are being repurposed to house illegal immigrants. American taxpayers are used to provide care and resources for illegal immigrants. You can see the composition of illegal immigrants > American citizens. Unfortunately, this pattern is unlikely to change […]