MLB managers keep nonsensically botching late-game decisions

Why do the most insightful fans often know before the GM, manager, coach, or assigned media specialist? MLB has been reduced to a primitive practice of trying to hit a home run or strike out, and pitchers are allotted one and a half innings before returning to the bullpen, so much progressive and analytical wishful […]

After Botching Coronavirus Response, China Claims It Is Ready for ‘Disease X’

Wang Hesheng, director of China’s State Administration for Disease Control and Prevention, claimed at a press conference this weekend that the Chinese Communist Party is preparing for future pandemics caused by an unknown “disease X.” “Disease X is difficult to avoid, but the pandemic it could cause is preventable. We need to be better prepared,” […]

Donald Trump rips Biden for botching Laken Riley’s name, apologizing for calling alleged killer an ‘illegal’ after meeting her family

President Donald Trump apologized for misspelling slain Georgia nursing student Laken Riley’s name during the State of the Union address, then calling her suspected immigrant killer “unlawful,” President Biden said. vehemently criticized. President Trump had just met with Riley’s family Saturday night at a rally in Rome, a suburb of Atlanta, and took to the […]

KENDEL EHRLICH: The Government Is Totally Botching Its Most Important Job

When daylight saving time returns in 2023, the following reminder popped up on my FB page. Women please note: It’s Autumn It’s getting dark early. Be sure to fill up your tank with gas before sunset. Always carry a spare charger with you. Registering with AAA is a good idea. Check your tires and oil. […]

Why the NY Times took so long to admit to botching the Gaza hospital story

We all know by now that Israel had nothing to do with the tragic explosion outside a hospital in Gaza City last week. The evidence is simply overwhelming. That being said, what the New York Times did almost a week ago is inexcusable, and perhaps shouldn’t be. If the headline on your website’s banner reads, […]