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Kentucky leaders toast to record-breaking growth in the Bourbon industry

Fifteen years ago, bourbon kings poured whiskey on the steps of the Kentucky State Capitol to protest looming tax increases on the spirits industry. On Tuesday, industry leaders reconvened with a bipartisan group of Kentucky leaders to celebrate record growth in the bourbon sector. Kentucky’s bourbon industry pumps $9 billion into the Bluegrass State’s economy […]

Sugar Bowl broadcast catches woman flashing chest on Bourbon Street

ESPN cameras got more than they expected during the Texas-Washington College Football Playoff game on Bourbon Street in New Orleans on Monday night. A woman walking down the street flashed her camera just as the act was about to resume. The Sugar Bowl was held at Caesars Superdome. CLICK HERE FOR MORE SPORTS COVERAGE ON […]

ESPN airs woman’s NSFW flashing on Bourbon Street during Sugar Bowl

Almost anything can happen while walking down Bourbon Street in New Orleans, and ESPN learned the following the hard way Monday night. When an ESPN cameraman captured a woman flashing her right breast toward an overhead balcony, the network gave viewers more than just a pretty shot of the famous NOLA street during a commercial […]

US trade negotiators block an EU tariff on bourbon, for now

American whiskey and bourbon distillers were drowning in a river of their own whiskey. In return, they avoided steep tariffs. Starting January 1, the European Union was planning to impose a staggering 50% tariff on spirits produced in the United States. But an emergency ceasefire brokered by U.S. and European trade negotiators prevented what could […]

Something baked, something brewed: Maple bourbon pecan pie

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! OK…try not to get overwhelmed. But it’s time to start thinking about Christmas. This year, I’m jumping on the anti-consumerist Christmas bandwagon. This means that most of what I give will be homemade or cooked. So, in that spirit, I thought I would share the recipe for the pie I make for […]

Aaron Rodgers sipped bourbon, smoked cigars before Jets’ Las Vegas game

Aaron Rodgers made the switch in Week 10. The injured Jets QB, who is rehabbing from a torn Achilles tendon suffered in the season opener, visited the Eight Cigar Lounge in Las Vegas on Saturday, the day before his teammates were scheduled to play the Raiders on Sunday Night Football. “It was great to have […]

Bourbon boom leads some enthusiasts to spend thousands, bend laws for rare brands

Buttery, smooth, oaky. These are the hallmarks of the best bourbon and have a growing cult of aficionados, paying hundreds or even thousands of dollars for rare American he spirits and even breaking or breaking the law. I am The first challenge is figuring out which liquor stores have these premium bottles on their shelves. […]