Influencer bandits Brooklyn Half Marathon — then brags about pace

Personal brand entrepreneurs are backsliding after her post Sunday’s NYCRUNS Brooklyn Half Marathon drew immediate criticism on social media for crossing the finish line without signing up for the race. Alexa Curtis, 26, “I never expected it to offend so many people.” I wrote it on Monday’s X.. “This post was meant to be inspirational […]

Biden Brags About Using Executive Power to Put Gun Control in Place

President Joe Biden posted to X on Thursday bragging about how many times he has circumvented Congress by securing gun control through presidential action. Biden posted: My administration is tackling the gun violence crisis head-on. I have signed more executive actions on gun violence than any previous president and the most significant legislation to address […]

Fani Willis calls herself ‘the face of the feminist movement,’ brags about her unrepentance — then sends Trump a message

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis hasn’t learned her lesson. Embarrassing scenes that explore how Willis’ personal decisions influenced her election interference lawsuit resulted in Fulton County Superior Court Judge Scott McAfee publicly reprimanding her. Willis hasn’t finished speaking about the indictment of former President Donald Trump and his co-defendants. . Speaking at an Easter […]

Biden Brags About Houthi Airstrikes He Admitted Don’t Work

CLAIM: President Joe Biden boasted in Thursday’s State of the Union address that he ordered airstrikes on Yemen “to degrade the capabilities of the Houthis.” Verdict: Mostly False — Biden ordered the airstrikes, but openly admitted to reporters that they did not work to prevent Houthi attacks. In what could be his final speech as […]

Microsoft Brags About Paying Minorities More than Whites for the Same Work

Microsoft faced backlash after boasting in a recent diversity report that white employees are paid less than racial minority employees in similar roles. The report boasts that Asian employees earn more than both black and white employees with matching titles, levels, and years of service. microsoft tout The 2023 Diversity and Inclusion Report’s Pay Equity […]

Gaetz brags about making Congress a ‘living hell’ for GOP

Rep. Matt Gaetz boasted in a speech to the Conservative Political Action Conference on Friday that he was turning Congress into a “living hell” for “swamp rat” Republicans who act “like Democrats in drag.” did. “In Congress, I am often criticized, vilified, and ridiculed for exposing a corrupt system that has been weaponized against our […]

NYC teacher brags about swinging parents at ‘cool’ elementary school

S is for swing. A Brooklyn teacher bizarrely bragged on social media about how “cool” her elementary school is because her parents are swingers. “The school I teach at has a group of swinger parents, which proves that Brooklyn public schools are much cooler than private schools,” said a second-grade teacher at PS 372 in […]