Man joins VIP convoy, hugs German chancellor; security breach under investigation

German police blushed as a civilian slipped into Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s VIP convoy at Frankfurt airport and gave him a hearty hug as he prepared to board his plane. Bild tabloid reported on Friday that Mr Scholz’s bodyguards later realized their mistake and cornered the man. Federal police said in a statement that the man […]

In new letter, Janet Yellen warns Speaker McCarthy US will breach debt limit June 1

Former Congressional Budget Office Secretary Douglas Holz Eakin joined “Kabuto: Coast to Coast” to discuss the Republican push for working conditions amid the ongoing debt ceiling conflict. of wrote a new letter Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen has warned House Speaker Kevin McCarthy that unless Congress and the president reach an increase in the debt ceiling, […]

Two-thirds of Americans very concerned about potential debt limit breach

A new poll shows that two-thirds of Americans say they’re very concerned about debt limit violations that could put the country in default. AP and NORC Center for Public Affairs and Research poll released Friday Indicated Few reported paying close attention to the federal debt ceiling, but most want it raised in exchange for a […]

Congressional employees exposed in transit benefit program breach

A violation of the Department of Transportation’s (DOT) transportation benefits program may have exposed the data of congressional employees. A DOT spokesperson told The Hill in a statement that the office of the Chief Information Officer is investigating the breach and is assisting other agencies, including the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA). rice field. […]

Tucker Carlson Accuses Fox News of Fraud, Contract Breach

Tucker-Carlson’s attorneys reportedly sent a letter to Fox News accusing the network of fraud and breach of contract, and to “preserve all existing documents and data” related to their relationship with Carlson. He requested the network to take prompt action. Axios report Carlson is considering a lawsuit against Fox News reportedly seeking to terminate his […]

Breaking: Tucker Carlson accuses Fox News of fraud and breach of contract

A letter from a lawyer representing Tucker Carlson accused Fox News of fraud and breach of contract just weeks after he left the cable news channel. sauce told Axios The letter was sent to Fox News before Carlson posted on Twitter announcing that the show would continue in a new format on the popular social […]

Did an AI Drake-Soundalike Song Breach Copyright?

(AFP) A viral AI-generated song mimicking Drake and The Weeknd was pulled from the streaming service this week, but did it actually violate copyright, as record label Universal claims? Created by someone called @ghostwriter, “Heart On My Sleeve” was played millions of times before Universal Music Group demanded it be removed from Spotify, Apple Music, […]

Lawmakers demand accountability for DC Health Link breach

A lawmaker on Wednesday asked DC HealthLink to explain how a data breach that affected hundreds of lawmakers and their staff in early March was caused by human error. Mila Kofman, executive director of DC Health Link, told lawmakers her organization explained how the breach occurred and the misconfiguration of cloud servers that allowed hackers […]

Secret Service Encounters Tiny Intruder After Breach At White House

A toddler climbed through the White House fence on the north side on Tuesday, prompting the Secret Service to retrieve the child. Officers from the Secret Service Uniform Division walked across the north lawn to retrieve a small intruder running on the property, Associated Press reportAccess to the complex was temporarily restricted until officers reunited […]

Pentagon intel breach brings fresh scrutiny over clearances

Authorities arrested Teixeira on Thursday following a series of reports identifying him as the leader of a group on gamer site Discord. Important Information About Enemies Ally posted in recent months before spilling over to other social media sites. Serving in the Massachusetts Air National Guard’s 102nd Intelligence Division, Teixeira was a technical support staffer, […]