Alvin Bragg’s staffer hangs up on ‘bulls–t’ congressional phone call

A rude representative of Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg told House judicial staff, “Stop calling us on this bull,” after repeated attempts to reach him by phone. A Judiciary Commission staff member who called Bragg’s office at noon Wednesday was quickly hung up after identifying himself to a woman who answered the call, a person […]

Transgender activists attack far-left pundit Ana Kasparian for dissenting from the LGBTQ agenda: ‘F*** off with this stupid made up bulls**t’

A far-left commentator has been criticized by transgender activists and advocates after challenging key points on the LGBTQ agenda. Ana Kasparian, who rose to fame as the far-left co-host of YouTube’s progressive “Young Turks” channel, issued a tweet that was attacked by liberals for being far-right and bigoted. “I’m a woman. Please don’t call me […]