Ted Nugent slams ‘bulls**t’ climate change as scam

Musician Ted Nugent denounced climate change as a scam on a recent episode of his podcast Spirit Campfire, falsely claiming that global warming is “bull.” “That's what it takes for your brain to believe this bullshit called global warming.” Nugent said. “If you believe that, you have sh, which means brains. While you were sleeping, […]

Pro-Palestinian mob gets violent at NYC Christmas tree lighting; one cop says, ‘I was shoved, punched, kicked. It’s bulls**t’

A pro-Palestinian mob turned violent during New York City’s annual Christmas tree lighting ceremony at Rockefeller Center on Wednesday night, and an NYPD police officer was assaulted. told the New York Post“I got shoved, punched and kicked. Bulls.” What are the details? According to the newspaper, the demonstrators waved Palestinian flags and chanted “From the […]

Britney Spears slams ‘bulls–t’ conservatorship documentaries

Love her, hate her, say what you want about her, but don’t make a documentary about Britney Spears’ conservatorship. The singer slammed the ‘Bulls’ movie for exploiting her story long rant on instagram Monday. Spears, 41, posted a screenshot of a 2021 statement in response to Netflix’s “Britney vs. Spears” asking “are you okay with […]