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GOP Ensured Dems Had to Deal with Immigration Regardless of ‘How Bad’ Busing Was

On Tuesday’s CNN News Central broadcast, co-host Sarah Sydner said that regardless of “how bad” immigration is in New York and Martha’s Vineyard, Republicans are “right in front of the eyes of people you don’t normally see.” He said that he guarantees that the The bus service is being operated from a humanitarian perspective. Sydner […]

Joe Biden Busing Waves of Illegal Border Crossers to San Diego

San Diego is feeling the heat as funding for immigration centers dries up and President Joe Biden’s Border Patrol buses continue to drop off thousands of illegal aliens a week through the city. Officials are scrambling to figure out what to do with the thousands of homeless illegal aliens Biden is still sending to San […]

Democrat governors fight over busing migrants to one another: ‘Unhelpful’

Democratic governors and mayors are reportedly fighting among themselves over sending immigrants out of their cities. Thursday’s Chicago Sun-Times report spoke to multiple sources about the ongoing immigration crisis plaguing major cities including Chicago, Denver and New York City. Democratic leaders have frequently attacked Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, a Republican, for busing immigrants into sanctuary […]

Migrant Busing Made Dems Care About an Issue Lefty Media Ignored, Proved GOP Right

On Tuesday's “CNN This Morning” broadcast, CNN senior political commentator and former Obama aide Van Jones said migrant buses are causing an influx of migrants because they can't handle the influx. He said that's because there are Democratic Party officials. “This is the kind of point that red state governors have been making for a […]