San Francisco buys vodka shots for homeless alcoholics in taxpayer-funded program

The city of San Francisco is giving free beer and vodka shots to homeless alcoholics at taxpayer expense under a little-known pilot program. The Managed Alcohol Program, run by the San Francisco Department of Public Health, provides alcohol-dependent volunteers with prescribed amounts of alcohol in an effort to keep homeless people off the streets and […]

China Buys into Niger Junta to Secure Oil Supply

China’s state oil company CNPC, China National Petroleum Corporation, takes control of Niger in a much-needed injection of cash after a coup damaged relations with the United States, Niger’s previous big oil customer Signed a $400 million contract with the military government. States and France. The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed on Saturday appears to […]

Biden buys votes, and you pay the price through inflation

President Joe Biden has spent three and a half years buying votes with your money. Your taxes may not have gone up, because Biden hasn’t financed his spending with federal revenues so much as with money created out of thin air — which is to say, the cost of Biden’s spending spree has been rampant inflation which is still too […]

Trump visits Atlanta Chick-fil-A, buys customers chicken and shakes

Former President Donald Trump stopped by a Chick-fil-A restaurant in Atlanta on Wednesday while on the campaign trail, chatting with staff and serving chicken and milkshakes to customers inside. In one video, President Trump is seen surrounded by a group of people wearing suits. The former president paid compliments to the crew and passengers, asking […]

Kansas lawmakers advance crackdown on Chinese land buys, economic activity

A proposal aimed at curbing the economic influence of Chinese companies, including their ability to own farmland and business real estate, has passed the Kansas House of Representatives. The bill also targets other “countries of concern”: Cuba, Iran, North Korea and Venezuela. Other bills limit state investment in foreign companies and limit the use of […]

Chinese company buys BMW-powered flying car technology that allows vehicles to reach 8,200 feet

A Chinese company has purchased BMW-powered flying car technology that has successfully undergone test flights in Europe. The flying car, known as AirCar, is a Slovak-designed, four-wheel, two-seater vehicle that transforms into a road-legal vehicle in just three minutes on the ground. The AirCar comes with a pusher propeller, switchblade-style retractable wings, and a telescoping […]

Chinese company buys European flying car technology

China’s XPENG AEROHT conducts first public flight of electric flying car A Chinese company has purchased BMW-powered flying car technology that has successfully undergone test flights in Europe. The flying car, known as AirCar, is a two-seater vehicle with four wheels designed in Slovakia. Transforms into a road legal vehicle It will reach the ground […]

Catching Zzz’s: 5 Amazon buys that could help you sleep better at night

Have you decided to spend more time with your eyes closed? Check out 5 products that can help you sleep better. From sleep masks to essential oil sets, you can buy everything on Amazon. (St. Petersburg) According to the National Institutes of Health, an estimated 50 million to 70 million Americans have an ongoing or […]