The best & worst sports months on the calendar

This is a desert. Today is dog day. This year it’s February, and while there are certainly a lot of sports going on, February is also a tough month for sports fans. February is a time to dream of other months, busier months, months where the sun occasionally shines and you don’t have to flop […]

These 8 health screenings should be on your calendar for 2024, according to doctors

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Controversy over Conservative Swimsuit Calendar Featuring Riley Gaines

A “conservative dad's” pin-up calendar featuring scantily clad conservative women faces resistance from conservative Christian movement leaders who say it contradicts conservative fundamentals and Biblical principles. are doing. The calendar features Riley Gaines, Ashley St. Clair, Sara Gonzalez and seven other women in various poses and dresses, some of them provocative. The same company that […]

Megyn Kelly rips backlash over ‘conservative dad’ pinup calendar

A self-proclaimed “conservative dad”'s pin-up calendar featuring scantily clad beauties has outraged some on the right, but Megyn Kelly doesn't think it's a big deal. . Kelly, a former Fox News prime-time personality who currently hosts the SiriusXM podcast “The Megyn Kelly Show,” said on Wednesday's episode that “conservatives can be cocky too!” declared. The […]

No ‘Political Calendar’ to End War for U.S. Election; ‘Fully Aligned on the Mission’

Israel said on Friday that the United States remains committed to its “mission to annihilate Hamas,” despite reports that White House National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan urged Israel to end the heaviest fighting in the coming weeks. There is complete agreement.” The Biden administration's preferred schedule coincidentally coincides with the start of the U.S. presidential […]

Bizarre Russian calendar shows a beefy Putin and soldiers attacking US Capitol

A comically bizarre desk calendar for 2024 depicts a burly President Vladimir Putin leading Russian soldiers. The Kremlin-friendly stocking stuffer costs just $50. A new calendar released by Russia's State Security Service (FSB) features a country with bulging muscles that barely fit into a Z-shirt, a symbol from the war with Ukraine, and a flag […]

Webb telescope image included in White House Advent calendar

Images of the Cassiopeia A (Cas A) supernova remnant taken by the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) will be featured in the White House's first advent calendar. In a news release on SundayNASA said the image was released as part of the White House along with an advent calendar. this year's holiday celebrations. JWST images […]


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