Amazon pays $5.8M over Ring worker placing cameras in bathrooms to spy on women

A former employee at Ring, Amazon’s doorbell camera unit, installed cameras in bedrooms and bathrooms to monitor female customers for months in 2017, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission said Wednesday, citing privacy violations. said in a court filing announcing a $5.8 million settlement. Amazon also failed to delete Alexa recordings at the parents’ request and […]

Nikon and Leica Are Adding Adobe-NYT ‘Misinformation’ Tech to Cameras

A tool developed by the software development company Adobe to detect “wrong information.” new york times Twitter is added by default on new Nikon and Leica digital cameras. The software works by embedding information about the provenance of a photo from the moment it was taken. via take back the net: Content Authenticity Initiative (CAI) […]

Tesla Workers Spied on Customers Using Vehicle Cameras

A lawsuit has been filed against Tesla following recent reports of Tesla employees sharing images and videos gleaned from vehicle cameras. Employees reportedly shared clips of crashes, intimate sexual situations, and other content recorded from customers’ vehicle cameras without their knowledge or consent. Breitbart News previously reported that a former Tesla employee had made shocking […]

Tesla employees shared private ‘scenes of intimacy’ filmed by car cameras: report

Tesla employees have reportedly shared private videos of customers captured by the vehicle’s built-in camera, including “intimate scenes,” “sexual health items,” and clips of drivers approaching sedans completely naked. Did. Nine A former Tesla employee at the electric car maker’s Bay Area office told Reuters Sensitive video clips, one of which is said to have […]

Cameras not allowed in courtroom to cover Trump’s arraignment

(Photo by Spencer Weinerpool/Getty Images) OAN Roy FrancisUpdated 9:31 AM – Tuesday, April 4, 2023 The judge presiding over the arraignment of former President Donald Trump has rejected a request from the press to allow cameras to cover live court proceedings in Manhattan on Tuesday. The judge in the Trump prosecution today refuses to use […]

NY judge rules no video cameras in court during Trump’s arraignment: reports

New York Judge Juan Marchan reportedly ruled Monday night that a small number of photographers will be allowed to take pictures, but not video cameras, during Trump’s arraignment courtroom. . Marchan ruled after Trump’s legal team argued that installing cameras in the courtroom would create a “circus-like” atmosphere. ABC News and Rachel Maddow on MSNBCsaid […]