canceled doctor Big Pharma so spicy so juicy can’t miss it

In this special episode of “Sara Gonzalez Unfiltered,” our favorite spicy Latina invites Dr. Andrew Wakefield, a former gastrointestinal surgeon and medical researcher. Dr. Andrew Wakefield is a “swindler, discredited academic, [and] Anti-Vaccine Activist” – Challenging the mainstream narrative around Big Pharma. Matthew Marsden will also be joining the show. Blaze TV He is a […]

CA salmon fishing canceled for second year in row as population wanes

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Mel Gibson Reveals Robert Downey Jr.’s Support During His ‘Canceled’ Era

Mel Gibson shared his gratitude towards Robert Downey Jr. for his support during the hard times in his life in a new Esquire profile of Downey published Monday. Gibson openly discussed the impact of Downey’s gesture on his career and personal life. Gibson’s career hit a setback after his arrest in Malibu for driving under […]

How exposing North Korea’s ‘comfort women’ hoax almost got us canceled

Academic freedom is not just an academic issue. When academics find that their freedom to pursue lines of inquiry and discuss their work in public is, sadly, often trampled upon by their colleagues, the damage reaches far beyond the ivory tower. may extend beyond. Over the past decade, both of us have been subject to […]

Netanyahu’s canceled delegation to DC perplexes White House

Prime Minister Netanyahu and his radical right coalition upset that the US abstained from voting The United Nations Security Council approved a proposal by the United Nations Security Council for a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan. Israel’s prime minister has also been publicly furious in recent weeks about […]


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