American college students robbed in Cancún, Mexico during spring break

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Drug gang busted for killing, dismembering five in Cancun

Six drug gang members were arrested Monday in the Mexican tourist town of Cancun on suspicion of killing and dismembering five people with machetes and burying the remaining three in shallow graves, prosecutors said. Quintana Roo State Police say six men are involved in the grizzly bear murder. The incident first came to light on […]

Gunmen Kidnap U.S. Citizen, Shoot Alleged DEA Agent’s Wife in Separate Attacks near Cancun

Mexican authorities are investigating the shooting death of a former drug enforcement officer’s wife and the recent kidnapping of an American citizen near Cancun, Mexico’s Caribbean hotspot. Mexican authorities reportedly tried to cover up one of the incidents as a way to allay the growing perception that violence was gripping the country. The shooting of […]

Cancun Ted Cruz wants to make politicians a privileged caste at airports

More than a decade ago, Texans elected Ted Cruz to the Senate on a promise to abolish the Transportation Security Administration. Mr. Cruz has “grown up” in the administration. Instead of trying to abolish the TSA, Mr. Cruz is pushing an amendment that would force members of Congress to be treated like royalty and protected […]

Mexican tourists died after boat capsizes near Cancún, Mexico

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Billie Jean King ‘glad’ WTA finals go to Cancún, not Saudi Arabia

Billie Jean King, tennis champion and equality advocate, said she was “glad” that the WTA finals would be held in Cancun, Mexico, instead of the Middle East. “I’m glad they don’t go to Saudi Arabia right now because it’s a really difficult situation for girls in Saudi Arabia,” said King, who joined Christiane Amanpour, Venus […]

Taxi Drivers Beat Uber Driver Outside Cancun Hotel

Cancun taxi drivers are attacking Uber drivers and tourists to maintain their de facto monopoly in the transportation sector. Taxi drivers threatened and attacked rideshare app drivers with bats, stones, knives and even handguns. Taxi drivers have also attacked tourists who use carpool services. In the latest attack over the weekend, a group of taxi […]

Cartel Gunmen Leave Three Human Heads near Mexican Army Base in Cancun

Cartel gunmen left three severed human heads and a drug banner next to a military base in Cancun. The gruesome crime scene comes as rival cartels battle for control of the region’s lucrative local drug distribution, trafficking and money laundering operations. The incident took place outside a Mexican military base in Cancun this week, local […]

Eight Bodies Found During Search for Missing Locals in Cancun

Mexican authorities have found eight bodies during raids in various parts of the city of Cancun for locals previously reported to have been kidnapped or missing. The discovery and ensuing search came at a time of dramatic increase in violence in the tourist hotspot as rival criminal gangs fight for control of the local drug […]

Eight bodies found in Cancun resort from cartel violence

(Photo by Elizabeth Lewis/AFP via Getty Images) OAN Geraldine BerryUpdated 1:37 PM – Wednesday, April 26, 2023 Authorities announced on Tuesday that eight bodies had been found dumped in Cancun, one of Mexico’s most famous tourist destinations. Mexican authorities say bodies were found about 10 miles from Cancun’s beaches and hotel district last weekend after […]