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The challenging truth about the Islanders’ salary cap situation

LAS VEGAS — A summer in which the Islanders started off reasonably well on the surface, but when you dig in, the luster disappears. Days before free agency begins on Monday, the Islanders have $5.65 million in salary-cap space while operating with a 19-man shadow roster. But nearly all of that money came from the […]

Angry Lebanese Boycott Pepsi Because Bottle Cap Is Too Israeli

Reports Surfacing Lebanese and Israeli media have documented what appears to be an online campaign against Pepsi in Lebanon, where an image of the company’s blue and white bottle cap has been condemned for being too similar to the Israeli flag. Pepsi has become the latest American brand to face backlash in the Muslim-majority Middle […]

Nvidia topples Apple with $3 trillion market cap; 10-for-1 stock split ahead

Mott Capital Management founder and CEO Michael Cramer analyzes Nvidia’s market impact, provides his economic outlook and discusses Boeing stock. Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang got rock star treatment this week during a tour of his native Taiwan, while here in the U.S., investors continue to treat the company’s stock, a top bellwether for artificial intelligence, […]

NBA’s new TV deal is worth $76 BILLION, and the salary cap is exploding again

The NBA’s new media deal was expected to be big, but no one anticipated just how enormous the financial benefits for the league would be. Wall Street Journal report The 11-year, $76 billion deal with NBC, ESPN and Amazon would shatter even the high end of expectations. That averaged out to just over $6.9 billion […]

Gold Prices Forecast: Will Fed's Caution Continue to Cap Gains, Weaken Prices? – FX Empire

U.S. Inflation Reporting and the Impact of Federal Reserve Policy The personal consumption expenditures (PCE) price index, released on Friday, rose 0.3% in April, as expected, and 2.7% annually. Though it met expectations, the data showed inflation still running above the Federal Reserve’s 2% target. Fed officials have repeatedly said they need several months of […]

Boeing production cap extended as regulator steps up safety checks | Boeing

Boeing continues to face limits on the number of planes it can make and tougher safety inspections after U.S. aviation regulators called on it to overhaul its safety culture. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) held a three-hour meeting with Boeing’s senior executives on Thursday to outline the company’s plans to resolve safety and quality control […]

Dallas Cowboys, Miami Dolphins among teams to get NFL salary cap relief

As the start of June approaches, several NFL teams are looking to add cap space, and even during the NFL offseason hiatus, there’s movement to be made. In 2024, about a third of NFL teams have released players with a post-June 1 designation, meaning that players were released in March but the salary cap impact […]

How Nvidia became the king chipmaker, from a Denny’s to $2.3T market cap

Beth Kindig, Principal Technology Analyst at I/O Fund, discusses expectations for Nvidia’s earnings report on “Making Money.” Wall Street is eagerly awaiting Wednesday’s latest earnings report from Nvidia, a company that has grown rapidly amid a boom in artificial intelligence (AI) technology. Nvidia has leveraged its dominance in the AI ​​chip market to become the […]