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Big Win For Amazon Tribes Over Carbon Credits In Colombia

Carbon credits are purchased by companies to offset their greenhouse gas emissions. (File) Bogota: Colombia’s Constitutional Court on Wednesday invalidated a controversial carbon credit deal in the Amazon rainforest that six local tribes had argued was signed without their consent. Indigenous communities living in remote areas of Pira-Paraná state had accused US-based Ruby Canyon Environmental […]

GOP Senate Hopeful Unveils Bill Critics Warn Could Lead To Carbon Taxes

Republican Utah Rep. John Curtis unveiled a bipartisan bill Tuesday that critics fear could be the first step toward domestic carbon taxes. Curtis, who is running for U.S. Senate in Utah, introduced the PROVE IT Act in the House alongside Democratic California Rep. Scott Peters, putting forward the complement to the already-introduced Senate version of […]

Flatulent Cows, Sheep, and Pigs Face World’s First Carbon Tax in Denmark

Danish livestock farmers have been warned that they will be taxed on measuring the farts and burps of their cows, sheep and pigs from 2030, making Denmark the first country in the world to do so as it tries to reduce methane emissions. AP Reports Tax Minister Jeppe Bruus said the aim is to reduce […]

Interactive Calculator Shows How Cutting Carbon Emissions Would Barely Budge Temperatures

Estimated Reading Time: 3 minutes Editors’ Note: We don’t think the connection between CO2 and “global warming” has been established. However, even if you assume the theory, and use their own models, the destruction of our standard of living by environmental zealots does not substantially change future temperatures. Then why the continued force-feeding of their […]

Carbon Lifestyles of the Rich, Famous and Hypocritical

If global warming is truly an existential threat, then the nation’s elites are a threat and should be dealt with accordingly.   Of all the varieties of hypocrites, carbon hypocrites are among the worse, because they harm poor people the most. You’ve heard about the two-faced archetypes: Uber-wealthy and powerful, they say that global warming is […]

Biden administration issues guidelines on carbon credit integrity

The Biden administration on Tuesday released new guidelines to ensure the integrity of carbon credits or offsets. While the act of purchasing carbon offsets or credits is voluntary, the administration says it wants to help ensure that the credits being sold are actually credible. Individuals, businesses and other organisations can buy these credits to “offset” […]