Tucker Carlson’s Putin Interview ‘Straight Out of Hitler’s Playbook’

Former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson branded Tucker Carlson a “traitor to journalism” as Russian strongman accused Johnson of undermining a peace deal between Moscow and Kiev in early 2016. In response, he claimed that his interview with President Vladimir Putin was “straight out of Hitler’s playbook”. War in 2022. Boris Johnson compared his interview […]

5 things to know about Tucker Carlson’s interview with Vladimir Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin used an interview with critic Tucker Carlson this week to spread propaganda about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, criticize the United States, and justify a crackdown on independent media coverage of the Kremlin. The interview was a headline-grabbing moment for Carlson, a former cable news host who launched a new show on […]

Russia quiet on Tucker Carlson’s visit to Moscow

Russia is holding its cards close to its chest as speculation swirls that former Fox News host Tucker Carlson will interview Russian President Vladimir Putin during his visit to Moscow. That possibility became more likely after Carlson was spotted at several locations in the Russian capital over the weekend, including at the Bolshoi Theater and […]

Liberal Canadians Seethe, Gnash Teeth Over Tucker Carlson’s Presence

Elected members of the Liberal Party of Canada got into an argument during Thursday's meeting over Tucker Carlson's sold-out event in Alberta on Wednesday. Carlson, co-founder of the Daily Caller and the Daily Caller News Foundation, took on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. event I interviewed him, asked him to appear on TV, and did a […]


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