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‘Worst Case Scenario’: Biden Avoids Total Collapse In Gaffe-Heavy Presser

President Joe Biden managed to ease some concerns about his political future, though he also committed crucial gaffes, during a choreographed press conference Thursday night. For weeks, Democrats have been calling for the president to drop out of the presidential race. Two weeks after taking the debate stage against former President Donald Trump, Biden took […]

Rudy Giuliani Abruptly Agrees To Withdraw Bankruptcy Case Moments Before Hearing

Rudy Giuliani suddenly agreed to withdraw his bankruptcy filing just before his trial on Wednesday, Law & Crime reported. Giuliani’s bankruptcy proceedings reversed course during a hearing on Wednesday, which resulted in the dismissal of his Chapter 11 bankruptcy reorganization. Giuliani had initially sought conversion to Chapter 7, which would have allowed him to liquidate […]

Arizona rancher George Alan Kelly has charges dismissed in migrant shooting case

An Arizona judge on Tuesday dismissed the case of rancher George Alan Kelly, who had been charged with murder for shooting and killing a Mexican national on his border property. Kelly, 75, is accused of killing Gabriel Kueng Buitimea, 48, on his 170-acre ranch near Keno Springs. Nogales, Arizona January 30, 2023. “The state has […]

Simple Solution in Government Intrusion Case

Estimated Reading Time: 4 minutes Ronald Reagan once said, “they say the world has become too complex for simple answers. They are wrong.” We have exactly that — a simple solution to the government’s intrusion into communication with social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Google, Instagram etc. As I am sure you are aware there […]

Appeals Court Greenlights Campaign Finance Case Against Nonprofit Founded By Stacey Abrams

The Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals on Monday struck down an injunction blocking Georgia from enforcing a state campaign finance law against two nonprofits founded by former Democratic Georgia gubernatorial nominee Stacey Abrams. A 2019 Georgia state ethics commission complaint accused the New Georgia Project and the New Georgia Project Action Fund of illegally canvassing […]

Judge McAfee gets $150 campaign donation from Trump co-defendant in Fani Willis case

A co-defendant in a Georgia organized crime case against former President Trump has reportedly donated to the 2024 election campaign of the Atlanta judge presiding over the case. According to election data reported by Newsweek, Fulton County Superior Court Judge Scott McAfee received $150 from co-defendant Ray Smith III on May 25, 2023. McAfee won […]

‘more good data’ would boost case for rate cuts

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell told Congress that the U.S. economy is “no longer overheating” and that the job market has “cooled significantly” from pandemic-era extremes and is in many ways back to where it was before the health crisis, suggesting the case for lowering interest rates is strengthening. “We’re well aware that we now […]

House Judiciary Committee urges court to reverse verdict in Trump New York case, claiming it was ‘riddled with defects’

The House Judiciary Committee recently Fox News Digital The lawsuit claims Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg and Judge Juan Marchan “violated” former President Donald Trump’s “constitutional and legal rights” in his New York criminal trial. In May, a Manhattan jury found the former president guilty on all 34 counts of falsifying business records that Bragg […]