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Tories reeling from ‘catastrophic’ election poll forecast | General election 2024

The Conservative Party has been reeling from “disastrous” exit polls which predicted it would win just 131 seats – its worst election result since the party was formed. Rishi Sunak’s party is forecast to lose 241 seats overnight, giving Labour a comfortable majority of 170 seats, according to exit polls from the BBC, ITV and […]

Wyoming landslide: Section of highway collapses in ‘catastrophic’ failure

The Teton Pass highway between Wyoming and Idaho got swept away by a landslide this weekend, causing major disruptions to commuter traffic. The area saw major temperature increases over the past three days, causing the Teton Range to experience snowmelt, which prompted the landslides. The roadway at milepost 12.8 “catastrophically failed,” officials said, adding that […]

Google’s AI-powered search engine could be ‘catastrophic’ for publishers

Google’s controversial move to introduce AI-generated summaries into its search engine is ‘devastating’ to cash-strapped publishers and content creators who rely on traffic to generate vital revenue Prominent advocates have warned that it could be damaging. Announced earlier this week at Google’s annual I/O conference, the “AI Overview” feature automatically generates answers to users’ complex […]

BETSY MCCAUGHEY: Trusting China Could Lead To Another Catastrophic Pandemic

Dying from natural causes is another thing. Worse, they will die from the disease that Chinese scientists leaked in their labs and wiped out millions of people.that’s now largely Indeed, this explains the origin of COVID-19. Even worse?US taxpayer paid for it. The US government has learned nothing. As the H5N1 virus first enters mammals […]