Chickens and cattle hit with massive bird flu outbreak. Will food prices go up?

(NEXSTAR) – The next highly contagious strain Avian influenza It’s not just the chickens that are infected, affecting the flocks of major egg producers across the U.S. dairy cow One person in Texas also tested positive. believed to have been infected with the virus After handling affected cattle. As the H5N1 influenza A virus spreads, […]

A ship carrying 19,000 cattle caused a big stink in the South African city of Cape Town

CAPE TOWN, South Africa (AP) — What’s the smell? Cape Town authorities launched an investigation on Monday after a foul odor was detected in the South African city. Top UN court rejects South Africa’s request for emergency measures to protect Rafah City officials inspected the sewage plant for leaks and an environmental health team was […]

Cattle rancher warns climate crisis is threatening US food supply

Livestock farmer Shad Sullivan talks about how calls to reduce meat consumption could impact the country on ‘The Bottom Line.’ Shad Sullivan, a cattle rancher based in Texas and Colorado, says global “anti-meat rhetoric” is clearly putting U.S. food security and farmers’ livelihoods at serious risk. “They all came together in this anti-meat rhetoric that […]

Mark Zuckerberg Raising Cattle With Beer And Nuts, Wants To Create Highest Quality Beef

Mark Zuckerberg wants to produce “the highest quality beef in the world.” Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg has added another project to his vast portfolio. The billionaire recently revealed that he raises cattle on his ranch to produce “the highest quality beef in the world.” The billionaire, known for his exercise habits, said he started raising […]