Japan's Ito says authorities are trying to place a 160 ceiling on USD/JPY – ForexLive

Takatoshi Ito is currently a scholar at Columbia University. From 1999 to 2001, he served as Deputy Director-General for International Affairs at the Japanese Ministry of Finance. For two years until 2008, he served as a civilian member of the government’s Supreme Economic Council. He told Reuters: “By interfering with speculative activity, the authorities are […]

White House finalizes permitting reform rule included in debt ceiling deal

The White House Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ) on Tuesday finalized a rule aimed at streamlining the environmental review process under the National Environmental Protection Act. The final rule is part of last summer’s deal that raised the federal debt ceiling and creates a new way for the federal government to establish clear exemptions. These […]

Smashing the paper ceiling: Why employers are dropping college degree requirements

It is a commonly held assumption that education is the key to future prosperity and financial security. But is college now just an expensive, outdated rite of passage for wealthy Americans that doesn’t necessarily lead to lucrative employment after a four-year degree? according to Recent joint reports According to the Burning Glass Institute and Strada […]

50 Injured As Latam Flight Suddenly Loses Altitude: “Blood Was On Ceiling”

Many passengers were not wearing seatbelts at the time of the sudden descent. A Boeing 787-9 flying from Sydney to Auckland suddenly “falls” mid-air, injuring 50 people on board. according to forbes. The flight was operated by Chilean airline Latam Airlines and the plane experienced a technical problem, causing “violent movement” on board, the newspaper […]

Woman says stuffed animal hanging from ceiling is racist

A stuffed animal was found hanging from the ceiling of a woman’s apartment, and it is believed to be a racist remark after a black woman discovered it in her kitchen. after new year’s eve brooklyn fire80 people have been evacuated in New York, with multiple residents complaining that their apartment doors were broken into […]

With fewer degree requirements, the federal government can break the ‘paper ceiling’ 

Education has become one of America’s most important boundaries.People with bachelor’s degrees and advanced degrees primarily thrive, but their job prospects, wages, and advancement opportunities are People with low educational background were depressed.. But there is a growing bipartisan consensus that we must tear apart because there is so much else that divides our country.paper […]