Defiant 7th-grader sent home for ‘There Are Only Two Genders’ T-shirt wears it to school again — with ‘censored’ on it. He’s told to remove shirt; now he’s suing.

Seventh grader Liam Morrison died last Friday after being sent home from school in Massachusetts in March for wearing a “only two genders” T-shirt and later reporting it to the school board. I went to school wearing the T-shirt again. . Kids add a little twist to the plot Only this time, the brave 12-year-old’s […]

Feeling Blue: ABC Children’s Show Censored For Fat-Shaming

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) censored a children’s program for being fat. ABC reissued an edited episode of “Bluey” after the Australian TV show faced allegations of fat phobia. According to Sky News. Bluey’s mother and father, Chilli and Bandit, complain in the episode “Exercise” about how they need to exercise to lose their extra […]

Musk rejects ‘ridiculous’ claim Twitter censored Brazilian CNN host

See what you clicked on Twitter CEO Elon Musk took to social media sites to respond to a “ridiculous” post by a CNN Brazil host. The post claimed Twitter censored her posts in support of a bill requiring tech companies to crack down on “fake news about her” on their platforms. Daniela Lima, a […]

Actual Doctors Were Censored on COVID While Political Unions Crafted CDC Rules

On Thursday’s broadcast of The Fox Business Network’s “Big Money Show,” Rep. Rich McCormick (R-Georgia) called on Randy Weingarten, president of the Federation of American Teachers, during a hearing on school closures during the coronavirus pandemic this week. Talking about testimony, he actually said: Doctors were censored for their views on pandemic policy, and teachers’ […]

Jeeves and Wooster Tales Censored to Spare Delicate, Modern Sensibilities

Iconic British author P.G. Wodehouse’s light comic prose was reworked with the Jeeves and Wooster story after being deemed “unacceptable” by the publisher. a report Saturday of daily telegraph Details of how the original text of the novel has been deleted or re-edited for the new edition published by Penguin Random House. Trigger warnings have […]

Comics Reportedly Annoyed After Being Censored By CNN, Kennedy Center Show

Comics are upset that CNN has reportedly stripped the Kennedy Center’s Mark Twain American Comedy Awards of political jokes at the 2023 awards ceremony. Comedians and celebrity actors gathered at the Kennedy Center in mid-March to honor comedian and author Adam Sandler. Everyone from Chris Rock, David Spade, Luis Guzman, and Rob Schneider came to […]

Roald Dahl eBooks Automatically Updated to Woke Censored Versions

The ongoing controversy over Penguin Random House’s subsidiary Puffin’s decision to censor new editions of Roald Dahl’s books takes another dystopian twist, with Roald Dahl’s e-book owners claiming they has automatically updated its copy to the new awakened version. . The publisher’s decision to airbrush Roald Dahl’s children’s books in awakened language. Charlie and the […]