‘There Is No Time in History Where the People Who Were Censoring Speech Were the Good Guys’

Democratic presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. said, “There is never a time in history when the people who censored speech were good people.” Breitbart News Sunday Host Joel Pollack. Pollack asked Kennedy about defending free speech against mass technology censorship. A best-selling author, environmental lawyer, and child health advocate, he has experienced censorship firsthand. […]

Brazil Responds to Wave of School Attacks by Censoring Social Media

Brazil’s Justice Minister Flavio Dino on Wednesday announced new restrictions on social media to combat the “epidemic” of violence against children. Dino said the website’s administrators should ban users who “promote or support attacks and violence against schools.” Dino Said Social media platforms should not only block users, but also transmit data about users who […]

Authoritarian States ‘Want to Control People’ by Censoring Internet: ICANN

A senior ICANN official said authoritarian governments around the world are trying to censor the internet to “control people.” David Huberman, a senior official at the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), has accused authoritarian governments around the world of trying to divide the Internet in hopes of controlling people. Legally registered as […]

Professors are censoring themselves to protect their career. This professor says it’s destroying academia

Self-censorship is ruining academia because majority of professors are afraid to speak freely, university professor resigns over diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives, says Fox News told to Matthew Wielicki told Fox News, “We’re literally moving away from the foundations of academia.” If fear diminishes the conversation, that is the basic principle on which the university […]

MSNBC Exposed for Censoring Hillary Coverage Before Presidential Run

MSNBC reportedly banned unfavorable coverage of former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton in 2014 without the approval of the network’s president, according to a former MSNBC host, who said most of the cable The news staff simply claimed to be “a reliable provider of whatever the network wants.” Offers. Appeared in Joe Rogan Experience […]

Rep. Nancy Mace corners ex-Twitter exec with just one question for censoring medical experts during COVID-19 pandemic

Rep. Nancy Mace, RS.C., used just one question on Wednesday to explain Twitter’s censorship of medical professionals who don’t endorse its approved explanation for COVID-19 and the COVID vaccine. exposed injustice. During hearings with former Twitter executives on the House Oversight Committee, Mace sternly challenged Vijaya Gadde, Twitter’s former head of legal, policy and trust. […]