Please Give us One Per Cent of Your GDP

1% of the West’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is a worthwhile sacrifice to beat Russia and less than the US spent to beat Nazi Germany, a Ukrainian spokesman says. Ukraine greatly appreciates the nearly $37 billion the United States has already provided in military aid, but says it needs more, and in fact much more, […]

Inflation Pinches, Europe Economy Grows Just 0.1 Per Cent

Frankfurt, Germany (AP) – The European economy registered a modest growth of 0.1% in the first three months of the year. After dodging a winter recession, it’s barely gaining momentum. Inflation continues to challenge people’s willingness to spend. Friday’s less than stellar numbers follow a day earlier’s disappointing growth forecasts from the US that kept […]

Railroads Must ‘Pay Every Single Cent’ When They Set Off ‘Chemical Bombs’

Senator J.D. Vance (R-Ohio) said the railroad industry “has to pay every cent, every cent” if a train derails and creates a “chemical bomb” in American communities, urging Republicans to He urged them to support legislation that would increase public safety requirements for trains. carry dangerous goods. In March, the Norfolk Southern railroad derailed in […]

UK Inflation Spikes to Over 10 Per Cent Amid Rising Food Prices

UK inflation rose again in February to over 10%, the country’s Office for National Statistics confirmed, amid rising food prices. Inflation in the UK is rising again, with data released by the UK’s Office for National Statistics reporting that it was above 10% again in February for the same period last year. The Bank of […]

Over 80 Per Cent of Britons Fear Rising Influence of China

More than eight in 10 British people are concerned about the growing influence of communist China in the world, and more than half believe Beijing poses a “significant risk” to international peace. A survey conducted by the Redfield & Wilton Strategies poll group found that 84% of Britons polled are concerned about China’s rise and […]

23 Per Cent of German Population Now Migrants or Children of Migrants

BERLIN (AP) – About 18.9 million people have immigrated to Germany since 1950 or are the children of immigrants, or 23% of the German population, according to the German Federal Statistical Office on Thursday. This is the first time the Bureau of Statistics has analyzed a country’s population based on immigration numbers, not just citizenship. […]

UK Deportations Down 51 Per Cent Compared to Pre-Covid

Recent figures show the Conservative-led UK government’s long track record of immigration failures continues, with forced deportations of foreigners down by 51% compared to 2019. new official government statistics Comparing September 2022 and 2019, 2020 and much of 2021 were unusual due to the effects of the Wuhan virus pandemic and the impact of related […]

67 Per Cent of Canadians Say Country is ‘Broken’

A Canadian poll reveals that 67% of Canadians believe the country is “broken” due to skyrocketing housing and food costs and concerns about the country’s health care system. A poll conducted by Postmedia-Leger and released on Monday More than two-thirds of Canadians claim to agree Conservative Party (CPC) leader Pierre Polivre said in November that […]