Vast coin collection of Danish magnate is going on sale a century after his death

Denmark’s Butter King’s vast coin collection is finally up for sale a century after his death and could fetch up to $72 million. Lars Emil Bruun, also known as LE Bruun, stipulated in his will that his 20,000-piece collection would be protected for 100 years before being sold. Deeply moved by the horrors of World […]

JASON GOREY: The VA Is Finally Catching Up With The 21st Century

America’s veterans deserve world-class health care. However, for many years, the infrastructure established to meet their needs was inadequate. Chief among the shortcomings is the Department of Veterans Affairs’ (VA) computer software system, which can generously be described as a decades-old outdated mess. In fact, it was not even a system long ago. Since the […]

Maui fire reports: Key takeaways from the deadliest US wildfire in over a century

More than six months after the worst wildfire in the United States in more than 100 years gutted the historic town of Maui, authorities are still trying to figure out what went wrong and whether similar disasters will occur in the future. We’re trying to figure out exactly how to prevent disaster from happening. But […]

The Republican Party’s influence is the story of the century

For 70 years, the Republican Party has dominated American politics. Three things with origins within the Republican Party predicted our future. It is the rise of a personal presidency that puts the president above the party. The conservative revolt that propelled the candidacies of Robert Taft, Barry Goldwater, and Ronald Reagan, and the collapse of […]

OJ Simpson, Ex-NFL Star And Accused In ‘Trial Of The Century’, Dies At 76

Simpson was reportedly battling prostate cancer (File) Los Angeles, USA: O.J. Simpson, the NFL Hall of Famer who shocked the world with his 1995 acquittal in the so-called “Trial of the Century” for the brutal murders of his ex-wife and male friend, has died, his family announced Thursday. did. He was 76 years old. “Our […]

‘Elect Me. I’m in the 20th Century’

President Joe Biden, 81, claimed re-election Wednesday, insisting he is ready for four more years because “I’m in the 20th century.” “Pick me. I’m in the 20th century,” Biden said while speaking to reporters next to Japan’s president at the White House, before correcting himself: “It’s the 21st century.” Biden: “Pick me. I’m in the […]