Brooks Koepka’s Ryder Cup chances look a whole lot better

ROCHESTER, N.Y. — U.S. Ryder Cup captain Zach Johnson coyly spoke Sunday about the possibility of Brooks Koepka joining the Ryder Cup team before Koepka won the PGA Championship, saying he still has “54 plays left.” The hole remains,’ but Koepka left the team. There is some doubt as to whether he belongs. The PGA […]

Playoff meltdown increasing chances Lakers sign Kyrie Irving

So could Kyrie Irving be the Lakers after all? According to ESPN NBA reporter Brian Windhorst, Irving was in the purple and gold around this past trade deadline last summer before being traded to the Mavericks, and apparently could still stay there. It is said that there is “I saw Kylie.” [Irving] I was ready […]

Three steps to help returning citizens gain second chances through STEM

as we observe second chance monthacknowledging formerly incarcerated people, this April it is time for our nation to finally plan a new course for the return of citizens affected by justice to society. Everyone deserves a second chance and the groundwork needs to be laid long before people get out of prison. All incarcerated people […]

Merck-Moderna vaccine helps reduce chances of skin cancer

A new study released Monday found that a vaccine launched by Merck and Moderna reduces the chance of skin cancer when combined with the drug Keytruda. new result Seventy-nine percent of participants who received the vaccine plus Keytruda remained cancer-free for 18 months, compared with only 62 percent of those who received Merck’s Keytruda alone. […]

MSG analysts break down playoff chances for Rangers, Islanders and Devils

For the first time in a long time, New York became the undisputed center of hockey. All three local teams will make the playoffs for the first time since 2007, with the Rangers and Devils going head-to-head in the first round, while the Islanders will face the Hurricanes. To mark the occasion and preview both […]

Elite Eight teams, ranked by their chances to win 2023 men’s March Madness

There are only eight teams left in the 2023 Men’s NCAA Tournament, and at this point, with all the #1 seeds eliminated, any team feels like they can win outright. After a thrilling round of games in the Sweet 16, he is left with four great matchups heading into the regional championship. By Sunday night, […]

Chances of Recession Spike to 35% on Bank Stress 

Goldman Sachs warned on Thursday that “short-term uncertainty about the economic impact of small bank stress” has raised the chance of the US slipping into a recession over the next 12 months to 35%. Goldman Sachs’ U.S. economic outlook is deteriorating amid a series of crises under the Biden administration, as it puts pressure on […]

Islanders boost playoff chances with clinical win over Red Wings

It will be a long time before everything is safe, but the playoffs seem more and more like a destination for the Islanders as the game progresses. After Saturday’s controlled and clinical 4-1 win over the Red Wings, the Isles are 4-1-1 since losing Matt Bazal, are 32-25-8 on the season, and have numerous wild […]

Pentagon Chief Downplays Chances of Military Victory for Ukraine

Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin said the war would likely end in negotiations, downplaying the chances of a military victory for Ukraine. In an interview with CNN taped on Thursday, Austin was asked, “Do you think Ukraine can win this in the end?” Austin did not say yes, but instead said that “Ukraine’s goal is […]