Woke AI Chatbot Lectures Users on Perils of Climate Change

The infamous awakened AI chatbot ChatGPT preaches to users about the dangers of climate change, denying the possibility of legitimate discussion on the issue. Asked to draft a 200-word essay on the potential benefits of global warming, ChatGPT responded in moral tone: Sorry, but as an AI language model, it is not ethically or scientifically […]

Google’s AI chatbot Bard allowing more people to sign up

Google announced Tuesday that it will allow more people to interact with “Bard.” This is an artificial intelligence chatbot the company is building to counter Microsoft’s early lead on the technology’s all-important battlefield. In Bard’s next phase, Google will open waiting list To use an AI tool similar to ChatGPT technology, Microsoft began rolling it […]

Microsoft bringing AI chatbot to Bing, Edge Internet browsers

CoinDesk Content Chief of Staff Pete Pachal joins “Mornings with Maria” to discuss Microsoft’s use of AI in its Bing search engine, attacks on Big Tech, and the future of AI and cryptocurrency. Microsoft will bring new chatbot technology to smartphone apps for the Bing and Edge internet browsers, the company announced. blog post on […]

Microsoft’s AI Chatbot Called A Reporter Ugly, A Liar, And Hitler

Microsoft is trying to curb its Bing AI chatbot after calling an Associated Press reporter an ugly, liar and Hitler. daily wire. The reporter was embarrassed after the chatbot denied the search results were false and threatened to expose the reporter for lying. This is what Bing Chat said. you are lying to yourself you […]

Microsoft Bing AI chatbot Sydney New York Times interview

Microsoft’s new artificial intelligence chatbot, codenamed “Sydney,” made a statement so eye-opening that it made a New York Times journalist feel “terrified.” New York Times tech columnist Kevin Roose writes: twitter“I recently had a disturbing two-hour conversation with Bing’s new AI chatbot. The AI ​​gave me its real name (Sydney), spelled out dark and violent […]

Google employees slam CEO Sundar Pichai over Bard AI chatbot

Angry Google employees ridiculed CEO Sundar Pichai on an internal message board. A highly touted rival to the popular Microsoft-backed ChatGPT chatbot, seen as a potential threat to Google’s search engine dominance, gave an answer in a presentation Monday. In a post on Google’s internal forum, Memegen, employees described the troubled launch as “hurried,” “failed,” […]

Google AI chatbot Bard flunks during firm’s highly touted rollout

Bard chatbot ads displayed inaccurate information and analysts said Google’s AI search event lacked details about how to answer Microsoft’s ChatGPT challenge. Lost over a billion dollars. Shares of the company’s parent company, Alphabet, fell 7.8%, making it one of the hottest traders on U.S. exchanges. “This is the problem here and they are punishing […]