FACT CHECK: Did Johnnie Cochran Die Mysteriously After Filing Lawsuit For Reparations?

post shared on social media Lawyer Johnnie Cochran Jr. is said to have claimed that he died mysteriously after filing a claim for compensation. Verdict: Misleading That claim is inaccurate. Fact check: California recently introduced a reparations bill in the state legislature at the end of January. politiko report. This package does not include cash […]

If Netflix Full Swing Season 2 trailer doesn’t fire you up, check your pulse

On March 6th, golf fans around the world will full swinga Netflix series that chronicles the behind-the-scenes stories of professional golfers. The first season, which premiered in February 2023, featured many top athletes such as Dustin Johnson, Rory McIlroy, and Brooks Koepka, and received high praise. One of the major themes of this series is […]

FACT CHECK: Video Claims To Show Impact Of Trucker Boycott On New York

video Shared by X It claims to show the impact of the trucker boycott in New York. You get what you voted for: #truck driver Do not ship food, produce, or goods nationwide. #new york…this is the result #American #libtards Worth it!#liberal sinking ship #liberalism is a mental illness #united states of america #America #demon […]

FACT CHECK: Video Showing Mike Lindell In Car Has Been Edited

video Shared by X MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell claims he was seen driving around trying to sell his product after a judge ordered him to pay him $5 million. Mr. Pillow is rushing to get a $5 million judgment against him. — Warren (@swd2) February 22, 2024 Verdict: Misleading The video is from March […]

‘It Is Ridiculous that The New York Times Fact Check Joe Biden’

MSNBC contributor Claire McCaskill said Thursday on “Morning Joe” that a New York Times article titled “Fact-checking Biden’s latest economic stories” was “ridiculous” and criticized the president’s comments. He pointed out that some of the information was misleading. Mr MacAskill said: “If you’re lucky enough to travel the world several times a year, do you […]

FACT CHECK: Video Of Benjamin Netanyahu Refusing Mic From Arab Official Lacks Context

video shared on Instagram Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has reportedly been shown refusing a microphone from a United Arab Emirates (UAE) official, citing his belief that Arabs are “unclean.” facebook/screenshot Verdict: False The video has been cut out of context. This was taken in November 2020 during the pandemic. Prime Minister Netanyahu beckons someone […]

A ransomware reality check as US is a top target of attacks

Like many people, you may think that ransomware attacks are a global problem, but a new report shows that hackers are targeting specific countries, with the United States being one of the top targets. It became clear that it was. According to a critical infrastructure security company Dragos, 44% of ransomware attacks last year targeted […]


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