Bellwether ‘forever chemicals’ case heads to trial 

3M, a leading manufacturer of what is known as the “forever chemical,” is eyeing what could be a test case for whether it faces liability for water pollution by toxic substances. A claim against 3M from the City of Stewart, Florida, will go to trial this week. This incident is just one of hundreds that […]

New Mexico’s AG sues manufacturers of ‘forever chemicals’

The New Mexico Attorney General and the Department of the Environment on Thursday awarded financial damages to manufacturers of so-called “forever chemicals” (commonly known as PFAS) to cover the costs of environmental monitoring and cleanup they say are inevitable. filed a lawsuit seeking Attorney General Raúl Torres said the 21 companies named in the lawsuit […]

California State Assembly Passes Bill Banning Chemicals Found in Skittles

Last week, the California legislature passed a bill banning five allegedly toxic chemicals commonly found in candies such as PEZ, Skittles and hot tamales. This is the first bill in the nation to ban red dye No. 3, titanium dioxide, potassium bromate, brominated vegetable oils and propylparaben, California Globe. report. Rep. Jesse Gabriel, a Democrat, […]

California moves closer to banning ‘toxic’ chemicals in Skittles

California is one step closer to banning certain “toxic” ingredients commonly found in Skittles, Pez, hot tamales and many other popular candies. The California legislature overwhelmingly passed Congressional Bill 418 last week, sending the bill to the state Senate. The bill, introduced by Democrat Rep. Jesse Gabriel, would prevent foods containing chemicals associated with health […]

30-Ton Shipment of Explosive Chemicals Go Missing

(Photo credit: GREGOIRE MAISONNEUVE/AFP via Getty Images) OAN’s Geraldine Berry12:20 PM – Tuesday, May 23, 2023 Sixty thousand pounds of toxic ammonium nitrate were reportedly lost in transit from Wyoming to California, and an investigation is reportedly underway. advertisement Two weeks after leaving its original location, an empty railcar was found at a train station […]

State Warns Against Eating Certain Kinds Of Fish Due To ‘Forever Chemicals’

Officials in Maine on Thursday expanded guidance to limit fish consumption from certain bodies of water statewide after tests found a “forever chemical.” Fish testing at six additional locations found levels of perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances that exceed those recommended for regular consumption in Maine, according to the State of Eating Fish and Game. guidelinesPFAS, […]

Former federal officials slam WHO for misleading guidance on ‘forever chemicals’

World Health Organization (WHO) draft drinking water guidelines on ‘forever chemicals’ ignore the best available science and need major revisions, two former federal officials say argued in a new Opinion. of WHO draftWe focused on two of the best known perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS). recently proposed According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), paperwas […]

NJ town prepares for evacuation over mystery chemicals

A toxic cleanup in a quiet area of ​​New Jersey could quickly force residents to leave their homes. Some schools and homeowners in Monmouth County are ready to evacuate immediately as Environmental Protection Agency crews conduct cleanup operations at a former factory in the village of Farmingdale near the Howell Township border. It is said […]