Shutdown of Brussels Conference ‘Like Communist China’

The “authoritarian” order to shut down Europe’s populist and conservative political conferences on Tuesday symbolizes a “last resort” effort by globalist forces to cling to power by any means necessary. said a French MEP. He told Breitbart News that he was prevented from entering the event by police. On Tuesday, the National Conservative Congress (NatCon) […]

German Chancellor Pushes for Closer Economic Ties in Visit to China

BEIJING (AP) – German Chancellor Olaf Scholz arrived in China on Sunday for a visit that focused on the two countries’ strained and divergent economic ties over Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Scholz’s first stop was the industrial hub of Chongqing, where he and a delegation of ministers and business leaders took part in a partially […]

China Accused of Flooding Britain With Counterfeit Postage Stamps

British authorities have accused China of trying to flood the country with counterfeit postage stamps, an act of industrial sabotage and part of the “economic warfare” often associated with World War II. It is a form. A sudden increase in counterfeit postage stamps discovered in the UK has sparked a surge in complaints from unsuspecting […]

How Roundup lawsuits could give China an edge

UBS Managing Director Jason Katz and Interactive Brokers Strategist Steve Sosnick discuss how investors can navigate the stock market’s conflicting messages in The Craman Countdown. I’ll clarify. Bayer has avoided thousands of lawsuits related to the herbicide Roundup, with about 113,000 of the 167,000 cases resolved and 54,000 remaining in some states, with no compensation […]

Trudeau Insists China Meddling in His Party’s Favor Had Little Impact on Canadian Elections

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau testified Wednesday before an investigation into foreign election interference that Chinese interference in the past two elections did not change the outcome. Prime Minister Trudeau says China prefers certain Canadian political parties despite substantial indications that China helped the Liberals defeat a challenger who would have been more hardline against […]

US airlines ask Biden to ban additional flights to China

Major US airlines and airline unions have called on the Biden administration to suspend approval of additional flights between China and the US, citing the ongoing “anti-competitive policies of the Chinese government.” “The competitive disadvantage is detrimental to the approximately 315,000 workers employed by U.S. passenger airlines serving China,” said lobbying group Airlines for America […]


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