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Democrats Kill Effort To Make It Harder For China-Linked Companies To Reap Taxpayer Cash

Michigan Democrats shot down an effort to significantly expand the vetting process for China-tied companies seeking to cash in on state incentives earlier in May. Republican lawmakers in both chambers of the state’s legislature pushed budget amendments that would have prohibited the use of state funds to subsidize corporations originating from adversarial countries like China, […]

DCNF Reporter Reveals How China-Linked Investor Owns Pentagon Contractor

A Daily Caller News Foundation reporter detailed how a Department of Defense (DOD) contractor is owned by a Hong Kong-based investment firm with ties to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Tutor.com is funding It is owned by Primavera Capital, a venture capital firm that also invested in TikTok’s parent company, ByteDance, through the DOD’s Morale, […]

E-mail allegedly helps prove Bidens in biz with China-linked firm while Joe was VP

WASHINGTON — Newly surfaced documents purportedly help prove that Hunter Biden actually worked with China’s state-owned CEFC China Energy when his father was still vice president. This has long been suspected by the Republican Party, which is leading the impeachment investigation into corruption by the president. President Biden has repeatedly maintained that his family has […]

Justin Trudeau, Canadian MPs Targeted By China-Linked ‘Spamouflage’ Campaign: Report

The campaign began in early August and accelerated in September. Ottawa: Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and several other Canadian MPs have been targeted in a China-linked “spamflage” campaign, Canada-based CTV News reported. In this campaign, a bot network leaves thousands of comments on social media accounts making malicious claims. However, despite all this, the […]

Canada Says China-Linked Propaganda Spamouflage Campaign Targeted Lawmakers, PM Justin Trudeau

The Canadian government announced that it had detected a China-linked “spamflage” campaign targeting Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Ottawa: The Canadian government announced Monday that it had detected a China-related “spamflage” campaign in which bots posted disinformation and propaganda on the social media accounts of members of parliament, including Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. The Ministry of […]

China-Linked University of Delaware Biden Partnership Was Hunter’s ‘Baby,’ Part of ‘Wealth Creation’ Strategy

The following article was adapted from Breitbart Editor-in-Chief Alex Marlowe’s new book Breaking Biden: Exposing the hidden forces and secret funding apparatus behind Joe Biden, his family, and the administrationcurrently on sale. *** Although media coverage has focused on the Biden Center at the University of Pennsylvania, these two “institutes” opened on the same day […]

California officials dragged feet investigating China-linked biolab, documents suggest

Questions about the operation of a China-linked biolab in central California were raised much earlier than previously known, according to an examination of hundreds of internal emails, documents and photos obtained by Fox News. Two California government agencies asked by the city of Fresno to intervene in the matter told FOX they did not have […]