ROOKE: The Left Wants Strong Christians Like Harrison Butker Out Of Sight And Out Of Mind

Kansas City Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker’s commencement address at Benedictine College is sparking an insane amount of vitriol from the left because they hate Christianity and want it out of the public domain. Butker spoke out against progressive ideology in its many forms during his 20-minute speech to Catholic students, including the tyranny of diversity, […]

The West Mourns Jihadis, Not Jews or Christians

Woke Westerners—and even some conservatives—are weeping and wailing over the “Palestinian” jihadis and terrorist-loving “civilians” killed in Gaza. But where is the mass outcry over the attempted genocides of Jews and Christians around the world? On Oct. 7, more Jews were killed in a single day than at any time since the Holocaust. Christians are […]

EU Blamed Muslim Jihadis’ Genocide of Nigerian Christians on Climate Change

The European Union (EU) Parliament finally acknowledged the horror of the genocide against Nigerian Christians—but blamed the fake climate crisis instead of the very real Islamic terrorists. Islamic scriptures approve and encourage the killing of non-Muslims and militants in Nigeria have zealously carried out a decades-long genocide against Christians that has left over 60,000 dead […]

Indian Christians Say Hindu Nationalist Government Falsely Brands Them ‘Illegal’ to ‘Deport’ to Myanmar

Christian tribes in India’s restive northern state of Manipur claim Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Hindu nationalist government has wrongly classified them as “illegal immigrants” and could “deport them” to neighboring Myanmar. ing. Manipur Chief Minister N. Biren Singh said, claimed On Wednesday, the administration announced that it had identified 5,457 “illegal immigrants” in Manipur and […]

‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Willie Robertson Encourages Christians to Spread the Gospel

Most recently, Phil Roberson’s journey from alcoholism to Christ was told in the drama-based film The Blind. Overall, the story of the Roberton family’s faith is told in the book. Robertson said his father’s conversion to Christianity decades ago changed the family’s trajectory forever, hypothesizing what would have happened if it hadn’t unfolded. face wire […]

Survey Finds That Only 6% of Professing Christians Have a Biblical Worldview

A new survey shows that while many Americans embrace syncretism, only 6% of people who call themselves Christians have a Biblical worldview. The American Worldview Inventory 2024, conducted by the Center for Cultural Studies at Arizona Christian University, found that “the typical American adult is not a worldview purist, but an inherently worldview appropriator; “They […]

Armenian Organizations Accuse Biden of Supporting Genocide of Christians

President Joe Biden’s Armenia Day statement on Wednesday outraged Armenian groups. That’s because the president did not mention the modern-day genocide against Armenian Christians in the Nagorno-Karabakh region carried out this year by Muslim Azerbaijan’s conquering forces. Some Armenian-American leaders have accused Biden of actively supporting the conquest of Azerbaijan, a convenient excuse for Biden […]