42 Percent of Southern Baptist Churchgoers Reject the ‘Republican’ Label

The Southern Baptist Convention remains an overwhelmingly conservative denomination, but new data suggests the pews are more politically diverse than commonly thought.lifeway research investigationA survey sponsored by Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary’s Rand Center for Cultural Engagement found that 75 percent of SBC pastors and church leaders support the Republican Party, compared to 58 percent of […]

Australia: 15-Year-Old Arrested After Stabbing Church Bishop, Churchgoers

On April 15, 2024, after several people were stabbed on the grounds of Christ the Good Shepherd Church in Wakeley, Sydney’s western suburbs, a mob was forced back outside the church and then drove past a damaged police car. New South Wales Police passing by. (Photo by DAVID GRAY/AFP via Getty Images) OAN’s Brooke Mallory1:54 […]

Over 50 Mormon churchgoers suffer carbon monoxide poisoning during service

More than 50 members of a Mormon congregation in Utah suffered symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning during a service this weekend. At least 54 members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints meetinghouse in Monroe, Utah, reported symptoms, but only 49 required medical treatment, according to NBC News. The church believes the cause […]

Texas churchgoers get ‘shotgun sermon’ cooked up by chatbot

A church in Texas held a Sunday service entirely generated by artificial intelligence. According to a report from KXAN, Violet Crown City Church in north Austin uses ChatGPT to create sermons, and Pastor Jay Cooper read about the technology and discussed how it works when used during worship services. He said he came up with […]

1 in 6 American Churchgoers Say They’ve Had, Paid For or Encouraged an Abortion

One in six regular churchgoers in America has had, paid for, or recommended an abortion. According to new research By Family Studies Council Center for Biblical Worldviews and pollster George Verna. Of more than 1,000 interviews, 16% of survey respondents admitted to paying for, encouraging, or choosing to have an abortion. The survey, which explored […]

52 Percent of Protestant Churchgoers Say Their Church Encourages Prosperity Gospel Beliefs

a New research from Lifeway Research Fifty-two percent of American Protestant church members believe their churches encourage them to donate more to churches and charities to receive God’s blessings. About 24% strongly agreed with this statement. In 2017, a total of 38 percent of churchgoers said the same. And churchgoers are more likely to believe […]

Severe Weather Is the Top Reason Churchgoers Skip Services

a New research from Lifeway Research Researchers found that Americans who attend services at least monthly in Protestant or nondenominational churches miss services for six main reasons. The study found that worshipers avoid bad weather, enjoy outdoor activities on sunny days, get extra sleep, meet with friends, and avoid traveling or watching sports when it’s […]

California County Tracked Churchgoers’ Phone Location Data To Enforce COVID Lockdowns

Santa Clara County asked local churchgoers who gathered during COVID-19 to do things like track location data on their phones and park their cars in nearby parking lots to observe their behavior. It has deployed a variety of surveillance techniques, according to court documents reported by independent journalist David Zweig. County COVID-19 Business Compliance Inspector […]