Serial Killer Targets Blue City’s Massive Homeless Population: Cops

The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) is investigating a possible serial killer targeting homeless people, authorities announced Friday. Three homeless men were shot and killed between Sunday and Wednesday, according to a news release. Two of the victims were Hispanic and one was black. The release included photos of the possible suspect and a vehicle […]

Chicago Mayor Blames ‘Right-Wing Extremists’ for City’s Problems

Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson, a Democrat, blamed some of the ills facing the crime-ridden city on “right-wing extremism.” Prime Minister Boris Johnson made a statement about the “far right” at a press conference on Tuesday. “What we’ve seen is a very egregious form of right-wing extremism,” the mayor said. Said. “We all know that right-wing […]

Gaza City’s Shifa Hospital No Longer Functional amid Israel-Hamas War

A number of Gaza-based hospitals have been raided amid the violent conflict between Israel and the terrorist organization Hamas. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), about 36 medical facilities and 22 hospitals have been damaged since the war began on October 7. according to bbc newsAmong the hospitals under attack in Gaza, Al-Shifa, the […]

San Francisco McDonald’s Shuts Down After 30 Years amid City’s Decline

A McDonald’s in downtown San Francisco, California, has closed as the city grapples with a number of issues plaguing local businesses. Scott Rodrick of Rodrick Management Group, the owner of the fast food restaurant, took a negative view on the issue, Fox Business reported. report Saturday: The decision was driven by office building vacancy, the […]

New York City’s most rat-infested subway stations

Squeaklet came out. A new update to the popular app has revealed to New Yorkers just how rat-infested subway stations are. Transit, an urban travel planning app first released in 2012, recently New York City subway mouse detector Features. Use information obtained from other users. The user selects one from multiple answers to questions such […]