US Army Veteran Claimed To Be Fighting For Ukraine. Volunteers Say He’s A Fraud

An American veteran working for a volunteer organization has been accused of illegally carrying weapons and falsifying military service in Ukraine during the war with Russia. Former U.S. Army Private James Vazquez arrived in Ukraine in March 2022 and began frequently posting on social media about his service with combatants in the Armed Forces of […]

Joe Biden Falsely Claimed Hunter Never Made Millions 

Claim: President Joe Biden claimed During a 2020 debate with former President Donald Trump, his “son is not making money from China.” Verdict: False. The Hunter and Biden family businesses made millions of dollars from Chinese business deals in 2017. Not only did Hunter admit that the Biden family business received Chinese money, but Hunter, […]

Alex Murdaugh admits he first claimed he was at dog kennels in court

FARO Crime Scene Recreation Alex Murdau A video from 3D imaging firm FARO provides a visual representation of the kennel on Alex Murdau’s 1,700-acre hunting grounds, known as the Moselle in Islandton, South Carolina, where his wife and son were murdered on June 7, 2021. It is an expression. Murdow testified Friday during a grueling […]