Some University of California, Irvine protesters arrested claimed to be faculty

Some of the anti-Israel agitators arrested Wednesday when authorities cleared an anti-Israel camp at the University of California, Irvine, claimed to be professors at the university. The university announced Thursday that at least 47 people were arrested after hundreds of protesters stormed the campus and set up barricades. A university spokesperson previously told Fox News […]

UK biz offered free wine in small print, only claimed months later

There was great wine in the fine print! A British company posted an offer to claim a free bottle of “good wine” in its online privacy agreement, but no one noticed it for several months. So it was proven that almost no one read this boring text. Dan Needle, from think tank Tax Policy Associates, […]

Exxon ordered to pay $725M to mechanic who claimed toxic chemicals caused cancer

A Pennsylvania jury has ordered ExxonMobil to pay $725.5 million to a former mechanic who claimed toxic chemicals in the company’s gasoline and solvents caused his cancer, plaintiffs’ lawyers said. Ta. After a trial in Philadelphia state court, former mechanic Paul Gill claims he was exposed to benzene in ExxonMobil products while working at a […]

American scammer, Marianne Smyth, claimed to be Irish heiress

A convicted fraudster who pretended to be an Irish heir and stole tens of thousands of dollars from multiple victims should be extradited to Britain, a federal court has ruled. Marianne Smith, whose accusers say she disguised herself as a witch, a psychic and a friend of a Hollywood star, is in a Maine prison […]

Man who claimed pal tried to feed him to Bigfoot guilty of murder

It was a questionable story, so it turned out to be a hairy one… An Oklahoma fisherman strangled his friend to death because he bizarrely believed he meant to feed him to Bigfoot, a judge ruled Wednesday. “Yes, there was a monster in the woods that night, but it wasn’t Bigfoot, it was Larry Sanders,” […]