Washington DC faces soaring homicide rates linked to plunging clearances

It is no longer America’s murder capital, but far fewer cases are solved, even though murders have skyrocketed in the nation’s capital for years. And for the families of the victims, unsolved murders pose a serious problem. Assia Timimi’s husband, Akuel, was stabbed during an argument in January 2021 and died a few days later. […]

Feds bust ‘high-end brothel’ network frequented by politicians, military officers, gov’t employees with security clearances

The Justice Department announced Wednesday that federal agents have busted a network of “high-end brothels” whose clients included politicians, military personnel and other powerful people. At a press conference, federal prosecutors announced the arrest of Han Lee, Junmyung Lee, and James Lee on suspicion of operating a sophisticated network. each person accused of a crime […]

Senate GOP demands answers on security clearances of signatories of Hunter Biden laptop letter

Exclusive: Senate Republicans provide classified information to the Office of the Director of National Intelligence on 51 former officials who signed a letter alleging that Hunter Biden’s laptop was part of a Russian disinformation campaign ahead of the 2020 presidential election. Requesting information about the situation. Just before the 2020 election, 51 former national security […]

FBI ‘Disparaging Whistleblowers’ After Revoking Their Security Clearances

The House Republican Prime Minister’s Commission of Inquiry on Thursday refuted a number of allegations that the FBI had written letters about its decision to revoke the security clearances of three individuals who had approached Congress for alleged misconduct within the agency. The Federal Weaponization Task Force, whose secrecy clearances for Marcus Allen and Steve […]

Pentagon reviewing how it vets for security clearances

Despite past problems, the Pentagon is investigating how leakers of hundreds of pages of classified U.S. documents are vetted for security clearances after gaining authorized access. I’m here. “The department is focused not only on intelligence processes and procedures related to security or sensitive information and who has that information, but also on the process […]

Pentagon intel breach brings fresh scrutiny over clearances

Authorities arrested Teixeira on Thursday following a series of reports identifying him as the leader of a group on gamer site Discord. Important Information About Enemies Ally posted in recent months before spilling over to other social media sites. Serving in the Massachusetts Air National Guard’s 102nd Intelligence Division, Teixeira was a technical support staffer, […]

Intel community scrutinizes clearances amid leak fallout

US officials move to enhance security After a series of documents leaked online earlier this year, the situation surrounding classified government materials deteriorated, forcing the government to act hastily to deal with the repercussions. President Biden said on Friday,[w]While we are still determining the validity of these documents, I have directed military and intelligence agencies […]

Boeing personnel working on Air Force One planes had lapsed security clearances

See what people are clicking on at The Pentagon and Boeing are investigating lapsed security clearances, resulting in hundreds of Boeing employees working on classified Air Force One planes with expired credentials before being temporarily suspended. I got Last week, Boeing discovered that the “Yankee White” security clearances for about 250 employees working on […]