Great white shark spotted feasting on seal carcass near Cape Cod

Great white sharks were spotted munching on seals off Cape Cod over the weekend, a sure sign that summer is on the way. The Saturday morning sighting by crew and passengers on a vessel operated by Dolphin Fleet Whale Watch marked the first confirmed sighting of a great white shark this season in the region’s […]

National Guard gun range could contaminate Cape Cod drinking water, EPA warns

The Environmental Protection Agency has issued a draft decision warning that a proposed National Guard base machine gun training range could threaten the drinking water supply of more than 220,000 Massachusetts residents. If Cape Cod’s aquifer becomes contaminated, alternative water sources will become unavailable, the agency said. “The risk of irreversible damage to Cape Cod’s […]

Dead, frozen shark found on Cape Cod beach during cold spell

A dead, partially frozen shark washed up on a frozen beach in Cape Cod, Massachusetts over the weekend. A local photographer was strolling along a beach called Dennis’ Cold Storage Beach around 2:30 pm when he came across the body. Photographer Amie Medeiros snapped a photo of the shark lying on the icy sand and […]