Sinaloa Cartel Smugglers Hide Crystal Meth in Coffee Bean Bags

The Sinaloa Cartel smugglers hid their shipments of crystal meth in coffee bean packages and used commercial shipping companies to transport them. The tactic is similar to previous seizures reported in Mexico’s Tamaulipas and Nuevo Leon states, where smugglers transported crates and packages containing synthetic drugs to those border states. The seizure took place last […]

CNN anchor Phil Mattingly mocked by Poppy Harlow after coffee spills

Call him “Spir Mattingly”. CNN’s Chief White House Correspondent Phil Mattingly, who stood in for Caitlan Collins, who co-hosted “CNN This Morning” alongside Poppy Harlow on Thursday, slammed live on air after spilling his coffee. received. Mattingly had to embarrass himself to explain that he accidentally sent Joe’s cup to the floor during his unwelcome […]

Botbar, NYC’s first coffee shop run by a robot barista, coming to Brooklyn

Your neighborhood coffee shop can quickly become a total Husby. New York City’s first coffee shop, run by a robot barista, opens in Brooklyn. The two-armed robot at Greenpoint’s Botbar will have an eerie dystopian skill set that includes dancing, waving and churning up to 50 espresso drinks an hour when the store opens in […]

Swapping soda for coffee can reduce risk of early death: study

Research suggests that swapping a cup of coffee for a soda can actually extend the life of people with type 2 diabetes. New study from Harvard University Published in the British Medical Journal (BMJ) High consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages (SSBs) was found to increase the risk of premature death and cardiovascular disease in people with […]

Gunmen Kill Businessman in Mexican Resort-Area Coffee Shop

A security video of a coffee shop in a tourist area of ​​Tulum, Quintana Roo, as two gunmen shoot dead a Mexican businessman. Authorities have pinned the blame on a group of immigrants from Colombia and Venezuela who are intent on stealing luxury watches. One of the shooters was also killed when a businessman friend […]

Portland Coffee Shop Cites Crime as Reason for Closure

A local coffee chain in Portland, Oregon, has announced that it will be closing its downtown location due to “extreme violence and criminal behavior” endured by its employees. new york post report on wednesday. Coava Coffee Roasters announced on Instagram this week that it was “sorry”. The last day of business for this downtown store […]

Portland coffee shop to close due to violence and crime

The coffee chain closed its Portland location, citing “extreme” violence and crime endured by its employees. Portland was once considered a quirky city for artists and creatives on the American West Coast, but as crime and homelessness soar, businesses and citizens are fleeing in search of safer places. Coava Coffee Roasters, a local Portland chain, […]

Coava Coffee Roasters to close one of its Portland locations

Several Coava Coffee Roasters place Located in Portland, Oregon. “Our team members at this café have been at the forefront of extreme violence and criminal activity on an almost daily basis for the past few years. Crime and violence have only increased in frequency and severity. From physical signs to threats of harm, break-ins, smashed […]

Starbucks’ new olive oil coffee causing stomach issues: customers

Coffee and olive oil don’t mix well. Starbucks consumers have given zero-star reviews of the coffee giant’s new olive oil-infused drink, and some say the caffeinated combo doesn’t sit well in the stomach. The Seattle-based Java company launched a line of European-inspired coffee drinks (called the Oleato line) in Milan in February, made with Partanna […]