TERENCE P. JEFFREY: Feds Collected Nearly $35,000 Per Household In Taxes In 2023

The federal government collected approximately $34,400 in taxes per American household in calendar year 2023, according to data published by the Treasury Department and the Census Bureau. From January through December 2023, according to the Monthly Treasury Statements, the federal government collected a total of $4,521,306,000,000 in taxes. The Census Bureau estimated there were approximately 131,434,000 households in […]

NYPD facing probe over ‘large number’ of rape kits that were never collected: Report

The Department of Justice is investigating the New York City Police Department's Special Victims Unit for allegedly failing to collect a “large number” of rape kits, officials said recently. new york post. Officials revealed this in December. post Blaze News previously reported that the department reportedly abandoned possibly “hundreds” of rape kits at the city's […]

Possibly ‘hundreds’ of rape kits never collected by NYPD: Report

Sources recently revealed that perhaps “hundreds” of rape kits may not have been recovered by the New York City Police Department. new york post. This was disclosed by investigators on condition of anonymity. post Earlier this month, it emerged that authorities had failed to recover an unknown number of rape kits from the city's hospitals. […]