Las Vegas sixth grader, 12, commits suicide after school bullying

A 12-year-old girl committed suicide after spending the school year being relentlessly bullied, according to her family. Her family claims the Las Vegas School District denied their daughter’s request to transfer. Flora Martinez, a sixth-grader at Duane D. Keller Middle School, took her own life on May 7th. “Look how hard it was for my […]

Republican Jewish Coalition commits to raising $5M for Trump reelection

A major grassroots Jewish organization in the Republican Party is pledging to raise at least $5 million for former President Trump’s re-election campaign in the organization’s “largest effort” to shore up Jewish support. The Republican Jewish Coalition (RJC) confirmed Thursday that it is launching a pledge to raise at least $5 million from donors and […]

Alleged Double-Murderer Commits Suicide By Shotgun When Faced With Arrest, Police Say

A 32-year-old serial killer suspect killed himself with a shotgun to evade arrest, police said. California State Police on Tuesday identified 32-year-old Ricky Hunter as the suspect suspected of shooting and killing two adult female victims outside an apartment complex, according to a press release from the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office (SCSO). announced. read. Police […]

Kentucky Newspaper Commits Massive Front Page Error

The Lexington Herald-Leader, a Kentucky-based daily newspaper, made a massive front-page error in Tuesday’s paper, misspelling legendary Kentucky basketball coach John Calipari’s name above the billfold, multiple photos shared to Twitter show. The paper, whose online edition holds the domain name, featured a front-page opinion piece from John Clay with the headline “$33 million […]