Brace yourself: Making computers from human brains is the new environmentalism

For decades we have been conditioned to accept lower standards of living, slower consumption rates, fewer and higher prices of goods and services, and an overall more frugal lifestyle, not for the sake of mental health and discipline, but for the sake of a false environmentalism that enriches and entrenches an illegitimate elite under the […]

I’m a viral AI influencer made by computers — now I’m going to host a TV show

she is very busy botti. There’s no business like show business. And now, thanks to Alba Renai, robots are making a big splash. An artificial intelligence influencer with chocolate brown hair, a thunderous smile, and a very impressive physique has been hired as the first non-human host for a special weekly segment on Spain’s Survivor. […]

China blocks use of Intel and AMD chips in government computers: report

Former State Department Spokesperson Morgan Ortagus joins The Bottom Line to discuss the potential national security risks posed by American companies doing business in China. China The government has instituted new guidelines aimed at phasing out the use of American microprocessors from Intel and AMD in government computers and servers, the Financial Times reported on […]

Thieves stole computers from Epstein PR guru before docs were released

The day before long-sealed court documents related to the convicted pedophile were to be released to the public, thieves raided the Los Angeles office of Jeffrey Epstein's publicist who briefly handled the crisis, police said. He broke into his office and stole his computer. Michael Sitrick of Sitrick & Co., a top global crisis corporate […]

When will computers be smarter than humans? Return asked top AI experts: Robin Hanson

In the 2020s, the rise of large-scale language modeling technology has led to an unprecedented acceleration in the sophistication of artificial intelligence. These machines can perform a wide range of tasks once thought only humans could solve. For example, you can write stories, create art from text descriptions, and solve complex tasks and problems that […]

Microsoft Ending Windows 10 Support To Affect 240 Million Computers: Report

Microsoft aims to end support for Windows 10 by October 2025. (File) Microsoft's plan to end support for its Windows 10 operating system could result in around 240 million personal computers (PCs) being disposed of, leading to even more waste going to landfill, Canalys Research said. . These PCs produce an estimated 480 million kg […]