Concessions Granted to Venezuela ‘Not Sufficient’

Brian Nichols, assistant secretary of state for Western Hemisphere affairs, said on Thursday that incentives given by President Joe Biden’s administration to Venezuela’s socialist government could help convince dictator Nicolas Maduro to hold a “free and fair” presidential election. said it was not “enough”. Mr Nichols argued: meeting The conference was held by the American […]

Socialist Dictatorship Threatens To Use Border Crisis To Wrangle Concessions From Biden

The socialist dictatorship is threatening to use the border crisis to extract economic concessions from President Joe Biden. Delcy Rodríguez, vice president of the socialist Venezuelan government, says that if the Biden administration reinstates sanctions on Venezuela’s economy, the country will take similar measures, including suspending repatriation flights for illegal Venezuelan migrants who show up […]

Biden Concessions Trigger Mad Dash to Buy Socialist Venezuela’s Oil

CARACAS, Venezuela — Venezuela's socialist Maduro government expects oil exports to increase significantly in 2024 after President Joe Biden eased oil sanctions against the rogue socialist regime in October. Biden's decision to rescind sanctions restricting the activities of the state-run Venezuelan Petroleum Company (PDVSA), imposed by dictator Nicolas Maduro in response to a spate of […]

House China select panel warns Biden against ‘concessions’ to Xi Jinping

WASHINGTON – Republicans on the House Select Committee on the Chinese Communist Party warned President Biden in a letter Thursday not to continue making “repeated concessions” to Beijing in his upcoming one-on-one meeting with President Xi Jinping. did. “We believe that the recent prioritization of bilateral engagements has led to “competitive” actions and defense actions […]

UAW wins back financial crisis concessions

Agreement includes reinstatement Adjusting the cost of living and more rapid progress toward maximum wage rates; Two-tier wage system. General Motors was the last of the three companies to reach an agreement with the union on Monday, agreeing to terms nearly identical to those recently accepted by Ford and Stellantis. The interim agreement, which still […]