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Village Church Releases Statement on Hiring Pastor’s Father Despite Child Abuse Confession

The Village Church, led by Pastor Matt Chandler, released a statement regarding the employment of his father, who previously confessed to child sexual abuse. “The Village Church cares deeply about protecting children and the most vulnerable,” TVC said. Church Leaders “One of our top priorities is ensuring the safety of those attending our gatherings, as […]

Slovak Gunman Attacked Because of Views on Ukraine War: Confession

The shooting of Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico looks likely to be classified as a terrorist attack after the gunman admitted that he shot the government leader for political reasons. Slovak prosecutors have released comments from the man who confessed to shooting and killing Prime Minister Robert Fico last week, providing the first official information […]

Kristi Noem’s Canine Confession Destroys Her Shot at Veep

South Dakota governor and vice presidential candidate Kristi Noem has made a potentially irreversible political mistake. In her upcoming memoir, “No Going Back,” Noem confesses to killing a puppy and a goat while living on a farm. Her dog, Cricket, was 14 months old and was clearly “untrainable” and “worthless,” so Noem put him down. […]

Deathbed Confession Leads To Recovery Of Murder Victims Bodies From 24 Years Ago

A deathbed confession led investigators to the bodies of a mother and daughter murdered 24 years ago, according to multiple reports. Larry Webb was always suspected of being involved in the disappearance of Susan Carter and her 10-year-old daughter Alex Carter. according to Metro News. The two were reported missing in 2000, when Susan was […]

13-year-old girl makes shocking confession after allegedly killing mom, stabbing brother

A 13-year-old Pennsylvania girl confessed to killing her mother and stabbing her 11-year-old brother during an argument, allegedly telling police officers, “It’s my fault that my mother died.” . Lataya Powell allegedly admitted to becoming violent when officers responded to a residence on South Sherman Street in Wilkes-Barre on Friday around 12:30 p.m. Local 21 […]